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  • lgbt_2b_free lgbt_2b_free Aug 21, 2013 6:56 AM Flag

    If you think the Home Depot bulb is the best thing since edison bulb

    Your science and history level must be below first grade.

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    • "Your science and history level must be below first grade"
      Your dumbness is kindergarten level

    • I assume you are referring to the "A" bulb but not sure since your statement is so vague. If so the consumer doesn't agree with your statement. This is a quote from CREE's recent CC, "To put this in perspective, we believe that we sold more Cree LED bulbs at the Home Depot since our launch than they sold of all other A19 LED bulbs combined."
      Cree remains the only good pure play on what is still a huge secular LED trend which is out with Edison in with LED, and that is not going to change anytime soon.

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      • Home Depot sells more Phillips LED bulbs than Cree. The lighting techs will tell you this and
        say the Phillips is a better bulb. The Phillips costs more but they have a non brand that has the same
        price and specs as Cree. Lows has their own $10 LEB bulb.

        Most off the HD bulbs are sold to the small time Cree investors.

        $13 for a 60w eq bulb that a $1 CFL has double the light output.

      • The facts are that the sales of the CREE bulb at HD will grow significantly going forward. Currently they're not even in all HD stores, and they're NOT at desired store inventory levels in the ones they're selling at because CREE is unable to make any more LED bulbs than they are shipping at this point. CREE leadership isn't publicly putting a high amount of emphasis on this current issue, and are under-stating it's impact of future earnings accomplishments, if the truth be told. As their manufacturing lead times come down, CREE will be shipping at a rate in 2014 that's twice as high as the current rate. They're investing in greater capacity and they're working with their supply process to bring about greater production numbers. The effect on their bottom line of much higher LED bulb sales and actually accomplishing it with the SAME LEVEL of invested inventory dollars will be a HUGE financial gain for CREE and for it's shareholders. There is no holding back the shift to a high performing LED bulb and CREE has the market-leading bulb. No number of Philips fingers can plug this dike. Dutch Philips, aka North American Philips----also ran in this race, folks. CREE's the one!!

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