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  • trademaker_va trademaker_va Jan 3, 2013 7:30 PM Flag

    I recived a Email from Mike..

    I have tried post twice but yahoo keeps blocking me.. We will get a update next week..

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    • I always get a huge laugh when the girls come on board after a stock is way down and tell us how awful it is and how smart they were\are for not picking it, LOL

      some of those some clowns told me not to buy dej @ .35 and it later went to .60 and LEI @ 1.48 and it later went to over 5+, and SSN @ .70 and then went to 5 dollars

      of course they didn't have a clue and still don't, that's what they do, talk, and we walk to the bank each year with sacks of money, LOL

      how long will it take PIE, not sure but I didn't buy this for a trade anyway, oh i forget about tinka silver and dthree, 2 other huge winners, hahahahah

      long and strong

      2013 may be the huge year for many of these stocks that have come way down

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    • I sent MM a email with a cut and paste of some of, IMHO just plain out and out lies that are being posted and spread on the board. This is what I received within the last hour. It is my firm belief that he is on top of this and very well may be on the ground in Montana or possibly at the JVP headquarters. Ether way I believe we will have news next week. As of today we have a company with a market cap of 23 million with 16 million in the bank and a JVP footing all the bills on our drilling program. I will be the first to say that I hate the silence and the wait.. And yes I am down big on this latest hair cut. I would like to note that Pine Tree Capital is still sitting on 17.3 million shares. This is what MM sent me this evening. I am going to see this to the end..

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