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  • absolutely_insane2000 absolutely_insane2000 Dec 6, 2006 9:14 AM Flag

    No shares left. Shorts and insiders

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    • Hobo,
      You should probably lay off the caffeine.:)

    • and this garbage....

      RE: "do you believe there is no way of estimating the probability of recurrence? The oncologist can give a fairly good "back of the envelope" estimate of the probability of recurrence in 5 minutes without the test, based on the biopsy and the chosen treatment plan. Easily within a 5% to 10% range"

      it's a educated guess, but a guess nonetheless. And how do they come up with this guess? The age of the patient and the size of the tumor, primarily....not very scientific, nip.....that's why 85% of the patients who get chemo for this cancer get no benefit from it....they don't want to guess and be wrong.

      And "lastly" this...

      RE: "I'd also guess that most oncologists wouldn't either"

      nip is now speaking on behalf of oncologists nationwide....bravo, nip. Sadly for you, Oncotype acceptance is spreading like wildfire.....don't take my word for it....look at the numbers.

      And as far as international goes, maybe nip overlooked that Canada is taking part in Tailor Rx.....oops....

      So keeping hacking away, nip.....keep trying to twist facts and trying to put words in my'll have no impact. Nothing posted here makes a bit of difference (infoseek was right about that) but I enjoy the opportunity to sharpen my DD at your expense. Run along whenever you get fed up.....I'll still be here....40,000 shares with an $8.50 avg cost.....not selling any time I said, we're in the first inning here....come back in a year or 2 years or 5 years.....I'll still have every share....probably more.....I'm watching the science...not the stock price....not the chart....and certainly not bozos like nip and infoseek.....

    • let's clean up some more of the clutter here...

      RE: "maybe 50,000 new breast cancer cases in the entire US per year"

      You're about half right,'s actually 210,000 new case per year....100,000 of which would benefit from OncoType Dx.

    • RE: "the test is only used in the US"

      -patently untrue

      RE: "last I checked Aetna & WLP are US firms covering US lives"

      -patients can and do pay out of their own pockets for this test.....domestically and will be approved/reimbursed internationally guys are seriously barking up the wrong tree....

    • because mr smarty pants, the test is only used in the US. BTW, the last I checked Aetna & WLP are US firms covering US lives.

    • RE: "115 million covered lives? WOW!"

      WOW indeed, your previous post you said it was "non-reimbursable"....glad to see you're catching on.

      RE: "maybe 50,000 new breast cancer cases in the entire US per year"

      and just what would possibly lead you to believe it's only being used in the United States?

    • RE: "three people who got the test and were fighting with their HMOs and insurance companies to get reimbursed. The providers all claimed it was "unproven treatment" and was non-reimburseable."

      I gotta tell you,'ve crossed over from lazy to outright funny.

      A year ago.....there were zero covered of the Aetna contract, there are 80 million covered lives....WellPoint is another 35 million covered lives....wanna bet they approve it too?

      Didn't think so......look out the windshield, nip, not the rearview mirror....

    • RE: "Thank you hobo for that thoughtful, well-conceived post that provided lots of valuable information. It is clear that you are an expert when it comes to patients who have breast cancer, what is already known without even having the Oncotype DX test, and what HMOs and insurers are thinking. Your intelligence puts everyone else here, and in this field to shame"

      You again miss the point, nip, and I'm not really interested in changing your I said, please short to max.

      OncoType and Genomic Health are being applauded and accepted by patients, insurers and doctors around the world.....I believe the is YOU who are swimming up stream with your "no benefit" either haven't done any homework here, or you are asking us to believe YOU over the experts.....sorry ain't biting.....

    • because the moderator of the MSN MONEY Market Talk with Jim Jubak message board introduced a thread about GHDX yesterday, I replied to the moderator there that GHDX looked interesting, and nip7890 came to this board.

      nip7890 is an idiot. He has been a pest on the HOLX board for a year. Everybody hates this asshole. Everybody wishes he would drop dead.
      He knows absolutely nothing about anything. He's a moron. Pay no attention to him.

    • Making a decision to undergo a course of chemo treatment must take into account the potential benefit vs the risks. My wife was diagnosed with early stage breast cancer--no node involvement--and initially thought she would only have radiation. Her oncologist utlized the GHDX diagnostic tool, and the results were her chances of recurrance would be 9% less with chemo than without it. This information quantified a very difficult decision, and made it easier for her to decide on a course of chemo treatment.

      Sam L.

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