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  • info11seeker info11seeker Dec 15, 2006 10:13 AM Flag

    pressguru and pilgrim - here's your chance to load up

    see, everyone wins, the shorts and now the longs can reload (assumign you believe the fundamentals and that its worth $500M for $50M in sales with compteition coming and regulation coming.

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    • yes but I find it is not the board of choice (yahoo is) and it ends up wasting my time cause most who post in one, post in the other anyway.

    • thewayofthepeacefulwarrior thewayofthepeacefulwarrior Dec 15, 2006 1:33 PM Flag

      High Beta - Lots of profit potential for longs and traders - as soon as they show a profit next quarter the company will be bought for $40 - The Baker Boys will sell in order to blend this into a mor eintegrated genomic medical company

      Longs and shorts can both relax and anyone in a relationship with a woman (all of us) benefit.

    • pilgrimfromconstantinople pilgrimfromconstantinople Dec 15, 2006 11:32 AM Flag

      It's amazing to see the infantile drool that pops up from folks like info11seeker. A few minutes worth of reading at the National Cancer Institute's website explains why OncotypeDx changes everything about the treatment of cancer. Medicare, Kaiser Permanente, Aetna---just the first adopters of a revolutionary medical tool. I suppose that national sales organization being ramped up is just for show, eh info-seeker?

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      • pilgrim, first, its odd that you are not happy about the stock decline. My board comments have been requestas for info, thoughts and observations. They have been accurate and I have not posted self fulling lies to serve my own benefits. And as I stated before, if you are a believer of the technology, then you should say thank you for an opportunity to buy more.

        second, you can't have it both ways. If potential FDA regulation prohibit competition then they also make it a much longer road for GHDX to get products to market. Otherwise, if potential regulation is not a big deal, then competition is an issue. You think its hard to data drugge prior trials/biopsies and correlated gene expression and outcomes? Not only is DGX doing it but there are about 5 other smaller companies not to mention firms like CRA, ABT, MLNM, etc all that could enter this market. And at $3k a pop, there is plenty of room to lower price.

        laslty, you shouldn't be so ignorant as to think you know who are talking too. Your emotional level seems to suggest that you are a retail investor (i.e. individual investor). here is some adive from a professional, if you believe in your investments, then no amount of chat room garble should have any long term impact on your holdings and you should see it as an opportunity. If you think its appropriate to pay 10x revenues for a unprofitable business with regulatory noise and low barriers to entry and run by a CEO that unfortunately failed with INCY.

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