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  • stupid_hobo73 stupid_hobo73 Sep 18, 2008 1:46 PM Flag

    Gotta love this stock....

    ...look at what's happening....fear and uncertainty are running rampant on Wall St right is flowing into safe the US dollar, gold, US treasuries....and GHDX.

    That's right....the market looks at companies like GHDX with such a high certainty of delivering results that they actaully bid up GHDX shares during this near-unprecedented market turmoil.

    Does not matter how mcuh leverage gets unwound by financial companies or how many bad assets are on the books of banks and brokers, or how companies the Fed/Treasury bail out....GHI will keep selling assays....keep moving the pipeline forward, keep growing sales, reducing losses.....delivering solid, dependable results.

    And the market is willing to pay for that right now. That's why we're up.

    The other side of this coin, in the short run, is that when this turmoil blows over, the money will flow into "bargains" and stocks like GHDX that weathered this storm will likely slide as the "hot" money goes elsewhere.

    That's okay. It eventually will come back.

    Sleep easy, my friends....of course the only other people here are spammers...but sleep easy just the same....

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