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  • danny_ocean7 danny_ocean7 May 26, 2010 1:59 PM Flag

    Hey! Genomics officers, now would be...

    .. the time to buy back some of your shares if you are positive about the outlook. Or at least stop selling your options for a couple months... really! 52 week low is due in most part to the constant selling of options by Genomics officers (SEC form 4). Just y'all STOP and the price will go up.

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    • Danny, your timing was beautiful. Wish I had listened, at least in the short term.

      Still long and happy, but I could be a lot happier.

    • Well said. Fact is options by officers are killing the stock
      price. Can't see stock holder equity when this thinly traded stock is constantly hammered by its' own princepals(sp). Sold out last week. See ya.

    • No I am a long only investor. I make money when the stock is down by increasing my positions. At the moment I am down on more recent purchases like everyone else but because I am a long term investor who believes in this company and its management, I consider my position strengthened.

      The most important asset of a company does not appear in its financial statements, it is the quality of its management. This is an aggressives, smart,growth oriented management and it does not bother me a bit that the company is being run in a way that has in the past and hopefully in the future will create incentives for them to stay with the company and continue guiding it on the so far successful growth path. Paying mangement with options, when it works to retain them and they hold for the required periods is a very efficient method of incentivizing them.

      As shareholders monitoring the company and its borad of directors oversight of the management, we just have to be sensitive to greed and make our voices heard if it begins to raise its ugly head. I don't see it here, hence go ahead and exercise pursuant to the 10B plan and keep your eye on the ball of simultaneously creating shareholder value.

      GHDX is actually holding up quite well in the market, considering that no one can figure if we3 are about to have a world wide currency collapse, a world wide ecological disaster, raised dividend taxes, bankrupted healthcare, Social Security, and pension systems and so on. The exercise of options by successful managements is way down on my list of concerns.

      By the way, although I don't short, there is nothing inherently wrong with the process and it is essential to price discovery. Sometimes I wish I could short, as put options premiums add complexity to hedging. BP was the opportunity of a lifetime and I just had to watch it go away.

    • Let's see we can now sequence the entire transcriptome and/or the entire genome of a tumor for less than 10K versus measuring the expression levels of a few genes for 3K.

      Also, a breast cancer preventative vaccine was just published in Nature Medicine.

      Looks like the officers know something you didn't.

      • 1 Reply to chiparray2000
      • >Let's see we can now sequence the entire transcriptome and/or the entire genome of a tumor for less than 10K versus measuring the expression levels of a few genes for 3K.<

        The above is not applicable to the current fundamentals as Oncotype DX is increasing in sales progressively as the income has increased progressively since inception. GHDX is now marketing its' products world wide with reported acceptance and sales.

        >Also, a breast cancer preventative vaccine was just published in Nature Medicine.<

        The above study was a preventative for mice. Since Genomics deals with re-occurance likelihood after the fact, in humans, not an issue here. I would be fine with the assumption that humans could be vaccinated against breast cancer. That is not the case, at all. Until then the demand for their products are growing world wide.

        The problem with Genomics is the exersize of options granted years back. Being thinly traded officers have been exersizing the option as normal which should be halted when the effect exaserbates a more downward drop in a declining market. Options exersized were

        If your premise is that the need for a re-occurance test such as GHDX offers will go down in the near future that is unlikely. When GHDX hit highs in March & April 2009, the options were being exersize in similar amounts on much higher average volumes with little or not effect on the stock price.

        This is purely a timing issue. GHDX should reach $21 by years end. Not my target, analysts. Now go do your own DD and use your diatribe for bar talk in your Momma's basement, where you live.

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