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  • dragan7777777777 dragan7777777777 Dec 10, 2010 6:36 PM Flag

    This fits very well GHDX tests:....

    This study fits very well GHDX tests:

    Marilynn Marchione, AP Medical Writer, On Friday December 10, 2010, 6:02 pm

    Drug combo helps women with early breast cancer
    Study: Herceptin plus Tykerb help women with early breast cancer more than either drug alone

    ..."Yet he called the results "really exciting" and said the future of cancer care is approaches like this that use targeted drugs well matched to patients' tumor profiles".....

    Breast, and colon, tests, plus close to finish line renal small cell carcinoma, and incoming prostate cancer, and down the road ovarian cancer, and melanoma, GHDX has strong pipelines...I have to move price target to 27$.

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    • Don't be surprised if GHDX gets bought out. They are in a very hot field. Clarient is a very similar company and they got swallowed up by GE.

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      • Surprised? Not at all. Actually the best time to make acquisition is the moment of profitability. "Smart money" buy the company that will bring in more money, and has exponential growth potential. You buy them when they are cheap, and going cash positive is a right moment.

        GHDX would not go unnoticed. LIFE, ILMN, GE, or whoever. Diagnostic genetics is one step forward from research. Next step will be therapeutic genetics... GHDX is a diagnostic "giant" in comparison with "scratching the surface" juniors, like SQNM, or EXAS...

        I am still not sure what is the status of their tests in terms of FDA approval, or do they have to apply in the future for 510(k) approvals as medical tests ( med diagnostic kits ). Will call them and try to clear those issues...

        GHDX is a long term investment grade stock, if they have FDA approvals, till they are bot out. I was "surprised" to learn that my docs ( Toronto, Canada ) are already using OncoType DX, and government is paying for them. It has to be node negative, estrogen receptor positive breast cancer.....

        Oh, I forgot, but GHDX is not for sale? Really? Everything is for sale for the right price.

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