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  • califflla califflla Feb 25, 2011 4:27 PM Flag

    Its taken a longtime for the short interest

    to find a place because of the low volume but the double top - should - be..unless they get squeezed(rare)

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    • RE: "market conditions on a stock like GHDX will be the biggest factor after this big run.EVERY stock will go down in a market meltdown.
      June QE2 ends ??? first leg down?"

      As I said before, GHDX is a long term position for me....for me....not for you, I each his own. I trade several others stocks and in a bear market I'll have fewer long positions and more TWM (2X inverse ^RUT) type positions. I have also sold covered calls vs my GHDX position.....but would buy them back at a loss rather then be assigned....but that hasn't happened to me yet. And to tell you the truth, I have looked at call premiums recently, but haven't pulled the trigger.

      From your post, it sounds like you are either 100% long or 100% out/short. I have way too much money invested for that kind of wild swing....I am much more diversified....and it just so happens that GHDX is one of the positions I just don't sell.....that really shouldn't bother you.....not sure why it does....

    • Ah, what a brilliant analysis. Some day the market will correct and he will announce that he called the stock price dropping. He will not mention whether GHDX falls less than the market as a whole. He will not note from what level will the stock drop,e.g. if it is up 10% from here and drops back 5%, what would be the problem. And finally for today's lesson in Finance 101, unless you are a believer in the end of the world, the fundamentals which are so strong in this company will carry it through any correction and up into the future. Laughing at the negative clowns who post on this board is one of the funnier parts of the day. You guys must be losing a fortune.

    • market conditions on a stock like GHDX will be the biggest factor after this big run.EVERY stock will go down in a market meltdown.
      June QE2 ends ??? first leg down?Genomic health will follow,That is the threat not the science or the company

    • RE: "We'll see where the share price is same time next year , Okay ? "

      A year from now, I'll be looking at revenue growth, international expansion, payor progress, pipeline progress...and finally shareprice.

      I don't know what the overall market will look like a year from now, but I do know that GHI is in the very early innings still....and I have no intention of selling anytime the price a year from now does not really concern long as the business is moving forward.....and the science is still superior.

      There are several stocks I trade and a couple I am just holding long term....this is a long term hold for me....does not mean a trader couldn't make a killing trading it....that's just not my game with this position....but I do resent the traders (I assume they are traders) who post nonsense and misinformation here.

    • RE: "2% op margin , PEG almost 8 , you're nuts to buy and hold waiting for a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow."

      One-size-fits-all fundamental analysis can be a dangerous thing, mark. You really want to rely on PE ratios for start-up companies that just turn profitable? And you want to beat them up for pouring a high percentage of revs into developing their pipeline?

      Had you purchased AAPL or NFLX when their op margins looked like GHDX's, you'd have found that pot of gold.

      How about DNDN? Their op margin is (-608%) money made in that stock the last few years. Smart money like markkarma is waiting to buy DNDN until the op margin is 20% or so.

      Watch the science....not the daily price....and not the "PE" or "op margin"....

    • ouch, that short sale must hurt.

    • Iam long term buyer of GHDX for over 2 yrs and recommended to many friends...This is only stock I can recommend to friends ...It's more predictable development than biotech pharma..Even prostate test kit is 2 yrs away, I am buying shares every month while still reasonably priced...Same reason Baker Bros don't even blink to pay $26...just keep buying when still available at these price...pullback won't be big,why wait and miss chance....even approval is 2 yrs away, price will move up with progress in development as well as revenue grow on brest and colon testers.

    • You said "baker bros pumped it up to acquire.I was right".

      I don't get it, why would Baker Bros pump the stock up in order to buy shares at the all-time high stock price over this last week. Don't you usually want to buy low? Their last purchase was on March 2 for over $26/share.

    • RE: "baker bros pumped it up to acquire.I was right"

      You are a delusional one, dmarxstocks! Baker Brothers are long term by a GHI insider....why would they possibly "pump" the price to acquire it?!?

      And just yesterday, didn't you tell us the "shorts HAD to pump" the price (emphasis yours) but now today you say the Baker Bros pumped it....but you were right!! Right about what...that the Baker Bros are short? Get real!

      Please a little self respect. One can only assume you are being taken behind the woodshed with your short position to resort to these kinds of transparent shenanigans.

      Take your loss like a man and move on....

      Me? I'll just keep watching the science...not sweating the share price.....and the science here is fantastic!

    • baker bros pumped it up to acquire.I was right
      It will take a couple of years for this stock which is way overpriced to start making profits( currently +.01/2 or breakeven.Prostate is 2 yrs away

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