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  • califflla califflla Mar 11, 2011 9:17 AM Flag

    Jefferies starts GHDX at HOLD

    yes us "shorts" (NOT) who called the top at 26.50 (now a double top - chartists see that) are not spammers or shorts or "bad "people.GHDX is my top biotech holding.If you are long you WANT a pullback anyway.

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    • RE: "yes us "shorts" (NOT) who called the top at 26.50 (now a double top - chartists see that)"

      Let me guess....with GHDX at a new 52 week high, we now have a "triple top," correct?

      I follow "chartists" with other stocks I trade...they are right more than wrong, but at least when they are wrong, they admit it and cut bait....unlike the "chartists" here who, I suppose, are just "indefinitely early."

    • RE: "us "shorts" who called the top at 26.50"

      You're a strange dude, califfla.

      The only day recently GHDX hit $26.5 was March 2. But you didn't post anything that day....much less anything about it being a top or double top.

      Your last post here was Feb 25 and you DID mention a "double top" in that post....but unfortunately for you, GHDX was only in the $23's then.

      But you somehow come back here (with the stock near $26) and claim to have called a double top at 26.50?

      I will give you the same advice I game need a much better risk management system then retroactively trying to talk a stock down on the Yahoo message boards after your t/a has failed and you have failed to protect yourself.

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      • What moron would claim he called the top when GHDX is down in a market tumbling because of Japan and the middle east. Hey clown, you saw these external events on the chart, huh? You are pathetic, and you are an amateur who, I repeat, knows nothing about technical analysis or chart interpretation. By the way, this pull back in GHDX was a nice buying opportunity. A gift from the headline risk gods.

    • The question is not whether you are short,but your continuing misinterpretation of what constitutes a "double top." You obviously have no training in technical analysis. Daily fluctuations produce up and down patterns that can last for a few days, and have nothing to do with "double tops." You should be asking yourself, "why would this stock crest here?" Your answer in these posts is something like "pump and dump is over" and "stock has run up to far too fast." The people on this board have been very polite it not getting in your face, but the truth is you do not know what you are talking about. Here is a gift bottom line for you. Buy and hold.

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