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  • rosemariecorbin rosemariecorbin Dec 21, 2011 8:54 AM Flag

    Insider selling a top?

    Executive Chairman of Genomic Health Inc. (GHDX) Randal W Scott sells 20,000 shares of GHDX on 12/13/2011 at an average price of $27.29 a share.

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    • and selling shares last week was also the right thing to do.

    • As the volume is increasing it is easy to buy as much as one wants.My commission rate is <5 dollars;- )Around 28 dollars yesterday you could have bought or sold 10k shares easily so the liquidity you say doesn't exist - does.
      The shares I sold yesterday will be bought back soon for more profit had I just held.If your style is to B&H Good Luck to you.I am very impressed with this company but I know markets... and the greatest companies will fall hard if the markets fall hard,and unfortunately I believe that is in the cards.

    • rose; you will sweat trying to get backin ..when you try to buy any significant size, price will run away..requiring many trades if you use limit order...this stock if you use market order..see what kind of price you will end up in average. daily trade is so low one serious trade can alter price greatly. not a trading stock to me.

    • GHDX remains in the biotech trading index.I am glad the company is not in the bio field.This is a great life sciences field.I
      sold some yesterday.-0 )

    • rose; ghdx is not considered as traditional biotec h, it's genomic based diagnostic

    • "It's not necessary to trade to gain handsome return"

      I agree but trading will return more with Biotechs if you buy the dips as I have,take profits,as I have,be patient and not greedy.If GHDX makes that huge price appreciation and "miss it" (rare),I will cheer your gains.Market conditions may not be favorable in the future.

    • rose; this stock GHDX if you followed for many years like I have, you will not say those points on prior message....this company should not be viewed as Biotech as mentioned. GHDX doesn't have Phase I, II, III, clinical testing and reporting to creat volatile up and down with news releases. GHDX go through more different validation for FDA approval so it is more predictable outcome once it is applied for FDA approval...Therefore; stock does not go through violent ups and is more influenced by market condition than product testing outcomes. I have successfully accumulated GHDX shares for over 5 years. When you trade GHDX ,you can someday miss hugh price appreciation. It's not necessary to trade to gain handsome return.

    • I have posted my recent buys and am up almost 10% in 2 weeks.I have not "been all over the place"
      My post about the CEO selling at the short term top was valid and I took adv of it."Just Buy and Hold" is a poor strategy with bioteck stocks.I've been in this business for 40 years
      stupid gets you an Ignore

    • I agree ..just keep buying when you increase buying power with rising share price.. margin interest rate is dirt cheap. expecting to see explosive price movement this year. I will pickup another 10,000 shares in March at $30 shr, if stay under 30. Not worry at all.. Way to buy at discount is sell PUTs...

    • Rosey, your posts were calling 23 a more reasonable valuation (still listening to Canacord). You are all over the lot, seeing tops that have now been broken through and switching to call them bottoms.

      It isn't that hard to make money here stupid, just buy and hold.

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