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  • wheatusdude wheatusdude Jun 5, 2013 7:13 PM Flag

    I think I know one of Terry_amin's IDs


    Found this on the Insmed Incorporated Message Board. It's about Terry_insm who they all reckon pretends to be a share trader just to get attention. But he talks about GHDX as well. The share price is now more than $12 so he's changed his forecast from $4 to $10. Lol!

    The Stock Market is a machine for transferring wealth from investors who trust to luck to investors who understand their investments.

    And continually averaging down in a biotech in the hope of getting lucky has been the ruin of many a gullible investor.

    From the Genta board a few years ago -

    "Time to buy?

    Good to average down, especially at these prices,but I suspect lower.
    I bought last @7.19, hoping for a trade and a rally,GNTA really never saw it.
    Is our bear market rally over? Friday suggested it might be, if volume confirms this week, then have cash to buy this gem.
    Still a news driven biotech, there is always chance of a quick bubble to make money also but I stand by my... buy it, tuck it away, don't look!,come back in 2 years
    Good Luck to all Longs"

    and -

    "The stratagy works because it is after the fear,the shorts and the ride on the biotech rollercoaster.(NDA,FDA etc)

    Analysts ability to "move" a stock will be overtaken by what will be the marketplace in 2 years.(look at post 70's bear market for historical perspective) A marketplace of valuations and earnings.
    GNTA IMHO will have them....soooooooooo But it tuck it away dont'LOOK !come back in 2 years
    Good Luck to all LOngs"

    Does anybody here think the "Good luck" sign-off seems vaguely familiar?

    GNTAQ is currently trading at $0.0001. Doubtless Terry took full advantage of the numerous opportunities to average down as he rode it from $7.19 to $0.0001.

    So when a leading contender for the title of Worst Investor in Biotech offers the following warning about Insmed -

    YTD 25% "the short since stop $4"

    - give serious consideration to buying as many shares as you can possibly afford.

    This topic is deleted.
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