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  • richardleeds richardleeds Jan 28, 2013 3:03 PM Flag

    DTV vs. DISH vs. cable companies

    DTV now has around 30 million subscribers in U.S. and international customers. This is more subscribers than any cable or satellite company in North or South America. Yet it sells for a lower P/E than the others and it sells for a lower price per subscriber. This is probably going to be the reason why Berkshire Hathaway (Warren Buffet) will increase its ownership in DTV from its current position of 10-11% of the company. The stock is cheap at these levels. What happens when the company stops purchasing its shares and reducing the share count? Look for the company to take the monster earnings-cash flow and start to pay down debt and institute a dividend. That will really create growth.

    Also, look for DTV to increase South American customers by millions over the next two years as South America will hold the world cup and the summer Olympics.

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    • The true value of DTV is content and satellite spectrum coupled delivered via 4G LTE. If that content and spectrum can be banded and then bundled together with mobile 4G phone spectrum, it's a game changer that allows, anywhere, anytime, HD, a-la-carte, entertainment; in both rural and urban areas.

      4G LTE has high download speeds than home cable if the pipes are fat enough. Real world speeds of 30MBps are easily obtained.

    • Future is Netflix. Everyone around me is cancelling cable, satellite. DTV is also losing to DISH which took the fastest growing international segment from them.

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      • Netflix alone is not enough. You have to have cable or satellite with Netflix. DTV is the best choice.

      • The future for the middle class might be Netflix, but the upper middle class and those with real serious money are using DTV. DTV offers the best sport programming which if you have not noticed is where the big money is made in television. Just look at the value of sports teams and how much commercials cost for sports programming..

        I do not believe Netflix caters to the sports programming fan. All the sports bars in the U.S. and sports fanatics subscribe to DTV and they pay $100 per month for a home subscription and the bars pay $500 per month. Netflix is $10 bucks a month, so I hope you understand what I am talking about. Those with money spend on superior products, whether tv, cars, restaurants, etc.

        DTV will soon have 40 million subscribers in North America and South America. Better to have those people in South America paying $50 a month and in North America $100 per month than the Netflix big spenders at $10 per month.

        I have tripled my money in DTV over the last 10 years and expect to triple it again over the next 10 years.

        What football games, basketball games, soccer games and baseball games do you get on Netflix?

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