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  • smithnjones999 smithnjones999 Sep 13, 2013 3:58 PM Flag

    Cord cutting momentum

    DTV subscriber ship soon to diminish greatly as people are cutting the cord and savings hundreds each month.
    Antena on roof receives up to 50 FREE local stations + $10 content subscription from a Netflix, Hulu or many others. Why pay $160/month with DTV or Cable... All you need in Internet service & DTV doesn't have that.

    Sentiment: Strong Sell

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    • You must not understand the difference between Netflix and Hulu vs. DTV. It is called sports entertainment and DTV provides the best sports packages both in North America and South America.

      Tell me what Netflix and Hulu are doing in South America and Central America where there are 500 million people. Compare that number with the U.S. Obviously you do not understand why people spend $100 per ticket to go to a sporting event. DTV offers every pro football game to your TV that is available. The people filling sports stadiums have serious money to spend, just the same people that are spending $50,000-100,000 on a BMV, Mercedes, Jaguar, etc. Ten percent of the country does not really care how expensive a live sporting even is, how expensive a car is or how expensive DTV is.

      DTV is for people that want a superior product. Obviously you are not one of those. Remember the adage, you get what you pay for, that statement is true 9 out of 10 times. Twenty million people in the U.S. and almost another 20 million in South America and Mexico subscribe to DTV or DTV's partner (Mexico) and they are willing to pay for a superior product. If you think Netflix and Hulu are the same thing as DTV then you probably think a BMW or Mercedes is similar to a Chrysler and a Porsche is similar to a Corvette. Yes, they are cars with 4 wheels but to the consumer that is willing to pay there is a difference.

      People around the world buy Mercedes, Porsche and BMW and they do not care about the price. Same for those that subscribe to DTV vs. Netflix or Hulu. You obviously like to buy your tv entertainment for $10 while others buy TV entertainment for $100. You might be one of those that will purchase a car for $20,000-30,000 while there are others that will purchase a car for $50,000-100,000.

      2 of the 40 richest people in the world own the largest positions in DTV, named Buffet and Malone. The well to do shop differently, buying the best, and price does not matter.

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      • I have DTV and it's not that good. The sports packages are nice but those packages will soon be available over the internet or with other services. My DTV bill is around $200/month, I'll be making some changes or upgrades when there's a better way. Just as cellular service was expensive TV has been going down a similar path.

      • You make some valid points and nice comparisons. I have DirecTV myself and am not impressed at all. And friends have Time Warner & DirecTV and neither are really great. The "Exclusive" sports contracts DTV enjoys have "out clauses" that can be exercised at any time, with some penalties of course, but the NFL, NBA, MLB et al will be able to monetize their content via direct to consumers and with a multitude of coming deals when the battle for the living rooms gets closer with Google, Apple, Roku and others. It's always about the money and for the wealthy or the well off consumers it's "convenience". At present DTV & Cable have been doing a very poor job. Aside from Time Warner offering the RED Zone Channel for just $9/month, this is a bargain. DTV customers have to purchase the entire NFL Package. And both services are stacked with more "Infomercial channels" than quality. The current sytem with DTV & Cable are a joke and the consumer will have more choices soon.

    • AGREE with you !

    • Yeah---that's why Warren Buffet keeps increasing his position---you must be some smart investor.

    • ALL TRUE. The DTV Collapse will happen sooner than later. Do you really think people will continue to Pay DirecTV $150+ a month when they'll learn they can get ALL of those channels & content for $10/month?

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      • You are incorrect. What sports can you get on the internet. DTV pays over a billion dollars to the NFL to show every single NFL game every single week. Who on the internet is going to pay that kind of money.

        Two of the 20 wealthiest men in the U.S. hole major billion dollar positions in DTV. These two guys keep growing their net worth more than any other investor in the country. The see the same thing: that DTV has added a million new customers every 12 months in North and South America.

        You missed the most important point of my post. You keep thinking from your perspective "Do you really think people will continue to pay DTV $150 a month when the can get the same content for $10 a month." It is not possible to get for $10 what you get for $150.

        No business keeps growing cash flow as DTV does without offering more. Tell me where I can get an NFL, MLB, NBA, NHL channel on the internet. These are all 24 hour sports channels for each league.

        You are caught up thinking that people will not pay more for DTV. Tell me how you can record five different channels on the internet at one time. You can do that will the DTV recorder. Also, the DTV will let you watch something else while recording the 5 other channels. Tell me how the internet allows you to do that.

        You do not seem to understand why BMV, Mercedes, Porsche sell so many cars around the world for more money than GM, Ford or Chrysler. You need to think about why so many people buy cars for $60,000, $70,000, $80,000, $90,000 when they can buy a car for $15,000-20,000. Until you understand why DTV currently has almost 40 million viewers and why people pay triple the price for a car when they could pay one third, you will not understand why DTV is such a good investment.

        I purchased my shares for $16 and those shares are now worth $72. There is a reason why Buffet and Malone have kept buying shares in DTV every years. Believe it or not they are smarter than the other millions of us out there.

      • You are showing your lack of research. "The DTV collapse will happen sooner than later".
        The president and executive vice president spoke at two conferences during the last month. They indicated that they are on target for the projected growth numbers for the year and total subscribers world-wide has reached 37.5 million subscribers. They continue to predict that subscriber growth will continue to grow by 1 million or more customers per year.

        You do not seem to understand that sports programming is the major driver of TV.

        DTV has little competition from cable when it comes to offering the hotel chains a package where hotels have 100-200-300-400-500-600 or more tv's that need to be hooked up. Hilton, Sheraton, etc. want get the best price for their tv hook-ups when they deal with one carrier nationwide and the cable companies have a problem there as each of the six major cable companies do not operate in every city. DTV operates up in the sky.

        The same applies to all the major health clubs in the country. I belong to one which has 70 televisions hooked up to DTV at each site they operate. Multiply that by 100 locations and growing. The ownership does not want each location to have a different cable company and a different contract to deal with. They want one company that can supply all of their locations. The health club gets a better price and DTV controls a huge number of subscribers.

        DTV might be expensive but it provides the best sports packages.

        Your comment about the company collapsing shows that you do not understand the business or this company, nor why the #1 investor in America keeps increasing his share purchases in DTV.

        DTV does not want the cheap customer that wants a service for $10-20 per month. Just like BMM and Mercedes do not want to sell a car for $20,000. Some companies target the big spenders for a product and those companies are usually more successful than the companies that target the cheaper customer, Nokia v. Apple.

      • mark.marshall.ahrens Sep 24, 2013 7:10 PM Flag

        You can not get ALL those channels & content for $10/month. If other competitors (Netflix/Hulu) were able to offer live TV channels and shows, the same available on DIRECTV, then those content providers (Disney, Viacom, CBS, etc...) would charge Netflix/Hulu so much that these competitors would have to raise their prices to a similar level that DIRECTV charges. Most of the cost of providers goes towards the cost of paying for their channels and shows and right now LIVE TV costs a premium compared to the older shows/movies that Netflix/Hulu make available to their subscribers.

      • guess you're sweating blood about covering your shorts

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