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  • lner2512 lner2512 Jan 9, 2009 2:12 AM Flag

    Pathfinder - EPD/KSG drop out

    My son has worked in a nuclear plant--in and around the reactor core--in California since 1989 with no ill effects. They store used fuel rods on site and could continue to do so for the next century, he says. The plant survived the 1989 Loma Preita earthquake with zero damage. It produces power for a small fraction of the cost of natural gas or hydro.

    I come from Pennsylvania where we mined lots of coal. I can show you a town with an underground coal mine fire that has burned for years, cannot be put out. I have seen homes that suffered "mine subsidence", in which they simply sunk into the ground. Or perhaps you'd like to fish in a stream full of acid from old mine tailings.

    I'd be happy to live next to that nuclear plant, in the very nice little resort and former fishing port where I've had some excellent meals and times on the beach.

    If you had lived 100 years ago, you'd have been just as terrified of those new-fangled automobiles as you are of nuclear. If you had lived 200 years ago, it would have been steam railways. You represent that part of the human race that fears change, and I feel sorry for you.

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