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  • rockytopbva rockytopbva May 4, 2010 2:24 PM Flag

    donkegan has ruined this board

    Cannot blame people for leaving. A little ex-dividend blues here... That's all.

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    • the only way he can ruin this board is if we let him. put him on ignore.

    • DK is not destroying the board - it is the reaction of the board to DK that is significantly hurting the board to a degree where the EPD board is frequently not worth the effort to read. There may be good messages here - but it is so surrounded by garbage, that good messages are not worth the time to hunt down and read. The board has become a place where the info is too much about DK and too little about EPD.

      Let's talk about the Yahoo default settings. If someone starts an off-topic or false information message thread, and that first message gets three one star ratings, the message disappears from view for those with default settings. If a different someone replies to that false information and more than three persons reward that correction with positive ratings, then both the original message and the corrected message stays on the board.

      There are too many messages that the board's old timers have killed that have been resurrected. It is those events that have been the greatest source of frustration to me. As an example [and there are plenty of examples],"Sleven" and "Garberrick" hurt the board by replying to DK's partially false claims about "EPD's ties to Greece, Spill, and Goldman". And the four people who gave positive star ratings to Sleven's accurate message hurt the board by keeping that thread alive. Even this thread started by "Rockytopbva" is one where - if I were following my own rules - I should not respond.

      Who is killing the EPD board? Blame the right persons.
      "Ferdiefor" and "Garberrick" - who kept the "EPD is dying" thread alive - are destroying the EPD board.
      "Bink49", "Solidvision2001", "Ferdiefor" and "Garberrick" - who kept the "Ferdidiot recommended ACAS at 30" - are destroying the EPD board.
      "Garberrick" and "Johnniemar" - who kept the "Goldman will start dumping their EPD shares soon" thread alive - are destroying the EPD board.

      If the board had its act together, our only response to a post that is false is to one star and kill it. Any other 'corrective' reply will only serve to continue that thread - and fill the board with garbage. Too many well intentioned people have employed a defective 'corrective' strategy.

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