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  • lizahuang54321 lizahuang54321 Jun 15, 2011 1:17 AM Flag

    Question for factoids

    Why do you include SXL in your large cap pipelines tables, with EPD in the small/mid cap tables?
    EPB now is larger cap than MMP, BPL, BWP, NS and SXL...EPB should be included among the large caps.
    SXL is similar market cap to SEP and probably should be included with the midcaps.

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    • Factoids does not have a clue what he is talking about. 90% of what he says is incorrect.

    • Liz,I was looking for the tables you referred to. Do you have a message #.?

    • Whether EPB belongs with the small caps is context sensitive - it depends on which metric attributes are the focus of the spreadsheet. For example, none of the other MLPs have GPs that are drop down sources. All the large capped MLPs in some spreadsheets are limited to lower 'RRR' [required rate of return] MLPs - while EPB is a high RRR MLP [due to its high CAGR]. Based on cap size alone, you are correct in writing that EPB should be considered a 'large cap'.

      Could you inform me as to which spreadsheet you are referring? Or could you inform me as to the date and source of that publication?

      This is also a message thread that will probably confuse the newbies - so if you are a newbie, please disregard what you see written in this tread.

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      • Did you used to communicate with Chartney? I have not seen him post in a long time. He was a strong proponet of MLPs.

      • Thanks for the reply.
        I was referring to the tables you post from time to time on the IV MLP board listing YRD change, total return, etc. Most recently one posted a couple of days ago and then removed. But so far as I recall your divisions into large cap, mid cap, etc haven't changed for as long as I have seen them.

        Yes, since you specifically mention cap, I was considering in terms of market cap. In which case, EPB has a larger market cap than several of the ones in your large cap list. Similarly SXL has a market cap that is no larger than SEP yet SXL is in the large cap category with SEP in the mid caps. I had wondered whether you had EPB in the mid caps some time ago when it used to be smaller and had forgotten to 'promote' it as the market cap increased. My opinion is that EPB is now big enough to stand among the large caps, even if it does have a higher growth rate than the others in that grouping.

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