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  • bluelivermore bluelivermore Aug 19, 2011 1:47 PM Flag

    43.67 real close to 43.88? Drop

    Goes to show how contract law is not you guys strong suit. In this EPD/DEP deal are you still on the floating ceiling price model. Right. You bought a car in February and we are pricing it September. I forgot you agreed to that model. Do you guys know where the floor is? Your the pricing model, not contract law geniuses, right?

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    • DEP = 1.01 * EPD.

      You won't be paid in dollars for your DEP shares. You'll be paid in EPD.

      Do you even own any DEP or EPD?

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      • AS of 02.22.2011, which gives you the base contract price. That agreement can be abrogated if, the closing price of that date is breached by more 25%. Which happened once before, if you do in fact own DEP. You would know that, and why the dates and closing prices on those dates are important. Do you remember why the last agreement was breached? Perhaps you should read back into the DEP/EPD former agreements and proposed agreements? If you're as knowledgabe as you say you are. You do remember those right? Are you thinking and doing the math, or just reacting from an emotionally easy platitude? With an answer like that vs. the details it looks like a platitude. Probably a member of the big government republicans and/or the bigger government democrats WHIG PARTY of emotional platitudes? Those 1 line sound bite answers are a classic symptom lacking detailed understanding. How much TV so you watch?

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