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  • debbie08730 debbie08730 Aug 23, 2011 12:54 AM Flag


    Cramer is the kiss of the death, I cannot stand that moron, pumped COP to no end until it tanked, pump SodaStream the same way it tanked, now pumping EPD, is like when he pumps we need to sell, I have notice a trend with this man, he might not be able to trade so he says, but I betcha his buddies do...

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    • Cramer did say sell/take profits in SODA. He still liked the concept but wanted to at least scale back. You have to watch his show link to keep track of all of changes from buy to sell.

      COP is a long term recommendation as they will spin off their marketing and refining operations, probably by he end of 2012. I looked at COP and did not think the 3.5% yield at ~$75 was enough. A friend looked at it but thought crude oil would sell off more. Another friend looked at it and felt the valuation was too high. None of us bought.

      Now, COP has a 4% yield which is a little bit better cushion and the P/E has come down. I still have not pulled the trigger on COP.

      Pull up EPD and COP on Google Finance and do a YTD comparison: COP -4.92%, EPD -2.6%, S&P 500 -8.11%. So both COP and EPD have outperformed the S&P 500 but outperforming is still no fun when you are down less than something else.

      I did buy RDS.A but at such a good price and yield (close to 5%) that it is not down much for me but it is down a little. RDS.A is -4.58% YTD so it is a mirror image of COP. My point here is that the price you pay is important. When COP gets closer to 4.5% I will take another look. The restructuring should mean $10 to $30 of extra value for shareholders, but there is too much time until the deal is finished to just buy as soon as JIM mentions COP or any other stock for that matter.

    • Did he say OAS was a buy or buyout?

    • If you can't stand it then sit down.

    • Here's a positive from listening to Cramer. He can bring attention to companies not widely known by the public. Perfect example is Soda Stream - the CEO segment w/ Cramer is what catapulted the stock price over the following weeks/months. W/out the exposure Cramer brought, I doubt the share price sky-rockets so quickly.

      However, when it comes to 'name' companies, you have to consider Cramer's opinion as just that, 'another opinion'. You can incorporate it in your process good or bad.

      But, pay attn to the hidden gems that he sometimes exposes.

    • If you did your own due diligence you would know that in the past 30 years there has been two other versions of soda stream... both came into existence during bad economic times catering to a market willing to settle for lesser soda only to find that there was a limited market and people in the final analysis would pay for great soda rather than settle for the garbage that soda stream is selling. Furthermore, when soda stream announced getting into bottled water that is the kiss of death. They can never compete on price with Coke or Pepsi or Dr. Pepper....

      Soda Stream is all done.

      As for COP..... CVX is the better stock.... paid a lot less for natural gas ppties than COP and you chased after the gold ring hoping for a quick killing on the proposed splitup of COP... so you have yourself to blame again for lacking the discipline to ignore chasing after the fast buck.

      Finally, EPD.... which is falling in a falling market of all MLPs so you have nothing to complain about in terms of pumping.... perhaps you should have found EPD when it was in the mid $20s rather than wait for Cramer to anoint it for you as a good investment.

      Do your own DD and you can find great stocks before Cramer jumps on board.

      Cramer didn't like EVEP at $25 but loved it at $40... many of us found it at $17.

      So don't blame Cramer if you lack your own ideas and chase after his picks have already advanced significantly.

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