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  • foulareatbm foulareatbm Jun 4, 2012 3:40 PM Flag

    pipeline reversal

    It appears that the reversal process on it's Seaway pipeline has run past the completion date, it was initially supposed to take 2 weeks and now after 15 days it's still not happening, this is a problem. This is the reversal that the folks at Cushing have been promoting as a relief valve of sorts for the supply gluts from up north. Another contributing factor to the price decline for sure.

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    • kpkmarron Jun 6, 2012 6:51 PM Flag

      The oil has arrived.

    • kpkmarron Jun 5, 2012 3:14 PM Flag

      The previous reversal step was pumping out the inventory; this was completed. I "assume" the problems pumping the "new oil" are not severe. And have confidence in the engineers, mechanics , and welders.

      Chemical Engineer

    • A good deal of the participants on this board need to grow up.

      1 star is for awful posts not related to EPD... (yeah I 5 starred it so it would appear again)

      The Above post is not only relevant... its a fair and stimulating discussion

      Yet cheerleaders want to hide the topic because it may not reflect well on EPD... thats B S

      Those that engage in this practice engage in a form of censorship and I don't care what your political views are its a disgusting practice

      Far too many Americans have given their lives to protect freedoms such as free uncensored speech... and too many of you are way too quick to engage in censorship because someone might have said something that could affect their pocketbook

      Let me tell you no post here will ever affect the value of EPD

      The only thing posts here can do is provide information and discussion

      Its a sick practice... and those who engage in it know who you are and are anonymous but you do have to look in the mirror every day and see the reflection of the likes of Joseph Stalin

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      • The delay for Seaway had and will have going forward little effect on EPD. EPD is a multi billion $$ company and Seaway is a very small piece of the whole.

        I agree rating the comment 1 star is not probably appropriate, howver, posts here do indeed effect the prices of MLPs such as EPD when it started. A couple thousand units 15 years ago moved EPD up or down.

        MPLs have been out of favor and the market moves down fo0rced some margin calls and sales by CEFs to fund sales. The pedulum swings and usually a bit too far in both directions.

        Just my thoughts, ARB

      • First of all I should state that I am a stockholder in EPD, and have been for over 2 yrs. Secondly I have no agenda, politically or otherwise. Third I have found, when doing research, that it is necessary to read everything possible, whether it is favorable or not, when trying to figure out any perceived problem with one of my holdings. Finally I am definitely in favor of responsible energy production, and believe it is mandatory for the future of this country. I appreciate your comments, but my only purpose here is to stimulate conversation concerning this company.

      • Thank you mktplyr for one of the best posts I've seen on this board in quite a while!

        Meanwhile it's a joy to see EPD shares getting a much needed boost today.

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