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  • jimcarrera47 jimcarrera47 Jun 5, 2012 9:43 PM Flag

    Complexity of Pipline Control

    Pipeline pump stations are for the most part,stand alone,controlled remotely at a control center that could be a thousand miles away. The control system (SCADA ie: supervisory control and data acquisition) is very complex master computer. At a pumping station on a 30" line you would normally have three 3000HP electric morters driving high pressure pumps. The voltage is 4160v or 5kv switch gear. The locked rotor current/amps at start up can increace by 8 times the, for aprox 2 seconds, the normal run current. The solid state protective relay monitors phase unbalance,over current and much more. There are pressure xmiters and pressure switches that monitor suction,station and discharge pressures,a logic controller that operats the pump station,communication equiptment,vibration monitors,temperature monitors,fire eyes and more. A 480v mcc that supplies voltage to mov's,motor operated valves.There is a flow computer that calculates flow rate and more. The control/throttle valve controles the suction and line pressure to protect the piping from over pressure and the algorithm program is complex. The station pressure can be 1200#s,now think about pumping gasoline! You just don't start up a system like this without some issues. Now go to a pump station at 2am after a lighting strike and see what you have! I hope this gives some of you a little insight as to whats involved. A company tries to project a schedule but Murphy might try to help.

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    • Jim
      I'am a just retired Tool and Die maker/Die Engineer; good here some Tech stuff from other fields, as I also have been in the trenches battling very complex problems that good old long term experience had to solve. Miss the good people and the satisfaction of "Fixing" stuff!
      Thanks for your insights on this board. Lets make some money in our retirement. Love the divy's.


    • nice explanation!

    • scoopert Jun 6, 2012 1:24 PM Flag

      Thanks Jim for a detailed explanation. This seems to be
      a reasonble explanation and is fairly unusual for lucid
      comments on a message board. BT

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      • Hey Keger & BT Thanks to both of you for your response. I've been retired for about 3.5yrs and now live south of Tucson,AZ. I went back to school in Minnapolis for two years at NEI for electroincs in Jan. 1978. I previously had my own european auto repair and after got a job for a major oil companey in the pipeline division.Pipeline control systems at the time were becomming more complex with electronics and the older electrical folks weren't were not up to speed with the new technology comming down the pipe.The problem that the oil industry was having was to find people that had some mechanical background as the younger technictions excelled at trouble shooting circuit cards but had never been around heavy electrical equiptment.I'm not trying to come of as a hypocrit as my concern is that the experince is starting to retire.I finally realized that it takes years to accure necessary knowledge.I wish someone would come up with dictionary that you could speak to and compose sentences.The thing is that pipelines pump 24/7 and when you have a station go down the flow rate decreases to a trickle and the revenue can never be recouped and you might have to find storage if your receiving product or try and sell the prouduct down stream that you can't take.Anay way I have 2k shares of EPD @ 51.21 so I hope when the oil srarts getting delivered .LOL Jim

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