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  • businessguru75 businessguru75 Sep 21, 2012 9:24 AM Flag

    Saudi Arabia of energy for the next decade

    People can speculate on distribution increases and the like, but the facts are that each this country discovers another source of energy whether it be oil or nat gas that needs to be transported by pipelines. If you could have bought a pipeline company in Saudi Arabia in the 80's, it would be looking pretty good now. Over time, revenues are going to skyrocket and ultimately that money will be returned to us. I wouldn't get too caught up on how much and how fast, more important to gain exposure in these areas in north america to drive long term growth.

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    • good points. It would be nice to have a higher yield, but also keep in mind that these distributions could be even more favorable next year if the dividend tax goes as high as it might.

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      • I believe if Obama is reelected we will see an attack on fossil fuels like we cannot imagine. His whole ideal is Cloward / Piven according to his roomate from college who has now been silenced with court orders and law suits. the idea is that any strong nation with a great military (USA) cannot be attacked from outside. The only way to do it is from within economically. Therefore, bailout the unions and get the printing presses rolling. We will see huge inflation and no jobs. If government used the same metric as Reagan was under, the jobless rate would be 23 %. His whole deal is just don't count food or energy. Give me a break!

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