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  • businessguru75 businessguru75 Oct 31, 2012 10:55 AM Flag

    Good buying opp today

    obviously I mis-spoke, just had ex-date which I'm sure as usual is most of the selling pressure, my apologies, got out of whack with the closures this week. I do maintain any price below a secondary price (53.07) has been a good buying opportunity.

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    • EPD is now the standard for MLPs. It used to be MKP, but thier coverage ratio has gotten to as low as .96X - not good. EPD is going to move upward and downward with the MLPs and move slowly up along with the distribution. The .015 this quarter is a one off event and we go to .01 for 2013. Am happy to have the return be secure and steadily increasing as a hedge against rising interest rates and inflation. Got to remember that like it or not - MLPs often have a dwon day when the market is up because of the big funds getting in or out. The following day is sometimes a reversal. As I always preach - with little good it seems - look at the monthly trend and not daily movements. If anyone can predict daily movements they would be worth trillions and not posting here.


    • EPD has basically no exposure in NE. The good part of the decline is reinvesting at a lower price via the drip. MLPs in general weak. Concerns about demand and general uneasyness regarding election, tax policy going forward etc.

      Also if you think that Congress is going to let tax rate on dividends go to ordinary income, suggest you wake up. Any hint of that would create a even bigger selling pressure than we already have as anyone in 25% or over tax bracket would lock in 15% rate in November or December. It will be addressed - I do not have any idea when but think both sides have suggested 20% rate for dividends and LTCG. Failure to act would be a disaster with the severe spending cuts now and cost the average taxpayer some $4K in April of 2013. Would guess that would really put a crimp on retail spending or really any spending at all for a few months.


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      • These aren't poor guys in Congress, no one is voting to raise their own taxes significantly especially Nancy P who's husband rakes in truckloads of cash via capital gains. They will say they tried but they had to compromise somewhere and blame republicans.

        I would like OBAMA to explain the statement of saying that things are better today than 4 years ago but that the policies of the previous administration failed us. As far as I know the tax code has not changed significantly from what Bush enacted so if we are in fact better, how has that failed us?

        Romney can't poke at this because it comes with the admission that things are better, can't give that ground. The fact is that if OBAMA literally did nothing, we would be better off because his healthcare plan is keeping people from hiring. I think that will pick up either way after the election, companies are just wisely waiting for some clarity before they invest big bucks.

      • you're right about minimal northeastern exposure. also about buying on the dip but, one question, why the dip in the first place? i don't see any news other than x-div and sandy.

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