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  • weewillie08 Nov 12, 2012 10:59 AM Flag

    something is up

    Arb, there may not be anything happening with EPD as you put it. But if you bought the stock last month for $55 and its trading today for $50, then that puts a whole new light on the situation. It'll take a whole lot of dividends to make up for a hit like that. That is a significant drop in shareprice and I see nothing even at this point that would tempt me to buy the stock. Just have to wait and see where all of this stops. When I see this level off and then show some volume on the up side, I'll considering buying shares. But not the way it is right now. Good luck investing.

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    • weewillie- I would not be buying today. I would be waiting for the panic selling to stop. If I bought a month or two ago I would be holding. If I were a trader (I am not am think using MLPs to trade is crazy) I would have already sold.

      The real question is - is there ANY change whatsoever that suggests things are different with EPD going forward? Why are you talking about EPD when companies like INTC hits a 52 week low today. The market in general is down about 1000 points on the DOW in a couple weeks. It is not EPD - its share/unit price will come back over time - it is tax selling, fear over what Congress will do or not do, and tax selling to book profits.


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      • weewillie08 Nov 12, 2012 7:37 PM Flag

        Arb, I'm just trying to get a clear understanding as to why the relative sharp drop in shareprice is occurring for EPD. In the case of INTC, a big drop in PC sales, which many are saying is becoming obsolete and AAPL's announcement they are considering dropping INTC chips for their Mac's in favor of making their own chips are the two main reasons for the drop in INTC shareprice. Its not clear to me why EPD share price has dropped over $5 in a matter of weeks. I've read no reports explaining this. That raises a red flag. I like the company and feel its oversold at this point. $49 or so entry should be nice. As long as there is not something negative happening that I don't know about. I'm not going to take that kind of risk. But if its just mimicing the Market, then $49 would be a very nice entry point for the excellent dividends. Just saying. It's no fun getting burned. I've had that happen before.

    • buy low and sell high. if you bought at $55 you bought high (look at the chart). the stock had been on fire and corrections in stocks happen (they don't just go up every day). as stock drops the yield increases so if you double down you get a higher yield and buy the exact same company (that you liked at $55) 10% cheaper.

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