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  • dawalk44 dawalk44 Jan 22, 2013 8:23 PM Flag

    The Nebraska Governor has Given the OK to Complete the Pipeline

    Who all will this Help??

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    • Let's start with it will put about a 50,000 pipefitters to work. Those pipefitters need to eat and sleep somewhere. So, that's a start. Did I forget who makes the pipe (IE Steel industry)? You want to put about 200,000 people to work, build a cross state pipeline! Did I forget the truck drivers who have to deliver the steel? How about the folks who will maintain the pipeline once it's up and running. Oh, did I forget all the instrumentation that will be needed to monitor pipeline operations, too! I can keep going!

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      • Surveyors, truck drivers, employees to maintain the pipeline, valve makers, and literally thousands of others.

        The interesting part is that Petrocanada and Enbridge are spending some $Bs to expand their Alberta to Chicago line. That one since it already exists needs no Federal approval. Thus do we send Canadian oil to Texas or to Chicago/N. Indiana or to China? Don't think Cares, but we should!

        The other people who benefit is every producer from the Bakken north to Canada as WTI differentials would decrease with a pipeline for takeaway. A pipe would reduce costs by some $8bbl or more. As for the BS about heavy oil - several companies have already figured that one out. Send the heavy oil to the East via rail. Fill some of the cars with natural gasoline (a dilutent) and when the cars get back in ND/MT or Canada they are both clean and the dilutent is ready for use. That benefits refiners in the US, rail companies and . . . . . .


      • How about cash flow to property owners that the pipelines cross. What will they do with that money?

      • Did you already forget that about 75-80% of Keystone is already either complete or will be complete shortly.

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