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  • wooding333 wooding333 Apr 8, 2004 6:23 PM Flag

    bubble INVN is a good example

    If GE is paying $50 for INVN or $750 million and INVN is winning $100 million dollar contracts every month, that are Federal.
    TASR is getting hundred thousand contracts and is trading at a market cap of $1.5 makes no sense
    get out now worth at nost $35 in a deal if it were to happen and if no body esle comes in their feild which is a big if, could go to $20 within the year.
    Be smart and safe

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    • Don't compare INVN to TASR, INVN has $400MM in Revenues and is being bought for $900MM that is 2.5X Revenues. INVN will truly become a global giant with GE since its products have global demand characteristics - 23000 Points of presence in Security in Aviation alone.

      People often say TASR will supply to foreign countries and huge orders are expected. Do your own DD TASR products cannot be exported to other countries because of "Human Rights Concerns" check with the company. TASR product will have a decent opportunity in the USA provided ACLU and Plaintiff's don't get greedy. Otherwise its model will become similar to buying blades and getting the razor for a low cost. You get a Taser Gun for a small cost say $150-200 and pay for the cartridges used. The Disposable cartidge market may be large if the ACLU does not make it hard but the current market cap will be history if the DCF values just the replacement cartridge market and places a very low multiple on the TASR market. Word is not out yet but if people realize that the possibility and probability of that happening are large. TASR is $5 stock again. Do your own DD I am not dumb to be a short in a hot growth market and in name like TASR - its the fact Wallstreet pays for potential future earnings not the past and the future for TASR is cloudy at best. I made a lot of money in INVN riding it $5 and still own it as part of GE.

    • Are you currently shorting TASR?

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