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  • bestidea1000 bestidea1000 Jan 18, 2005 8:39 AM Flag

    FACTs about LENF!!!!!

    a) LENF only has 17 people (that's the total) in the company.
    b) LENF's assest is about $4.6 million for the WHOLE company (The company's market cap is over $203 million now.)-- remember there's only 17 people in the company
    c) LENF is so overvalued that's like TASR trading over $76 a share.
    d) LENF does not even have a good product to compete in the market place.
    e) According to LENF's quarterly report filed with SEC on 11/16, LENF only has $336,467 dollar of cash.
    f) LENF has kept losing money.
    g) LENF even does not have any decent agreement with a SINGLE police department!
    h) LENF's CEO, CFO is the same person (this is a bad sign).
    i) Insiders have been selling LENF even if LENF is about $3 a share ( go and check out the insider transactions yourself). The CEO has dumpped large amount of shares according to his SEC filing on 1/14/05.
    j) LENF's fair market value is $0.80 a share according to LENF's own 10QSB on 11/16/04: "11) ASSET PURCHASE AGREEMENT
    On June 3, 2004, the Company acquired from Audio Intelligent Devices, Inc. (a Florida based corporation), machinery and equipment and furniture and fixtures (utilized in the production of surveillance products) valued at $516,402. Pursuant to the agreement the Company paid $200,000 in cash, will pay the seller $10,000 a month for 34 months at a discounted interest rate of 5.0%. In addition, the Company entered into a purchase agreement with the sole stockholder of Audio Intelligent Devices, Inc. for intellectual property, trademarks, inventory, customer lists and related production equipment software in exchange for 2,400,000 shares of restricted Company common stock valued at $1,920,000 to the seller. Additionally, the seller has a put option to sell 1,200,000 shares back to the Company for $1.25 per share on August 1, 2005 and 1,200,000 shares back to the Company for $1.25 per share on August 1, 2006. This is considered a "put option" by the seller that must be exercised on the aforementioned dates. In order to exercise this right, the seller must make a demand in writing to the Company at least 10 days prior to the demand date. The fair market value of the shares issued on June 3, 2004 was $.80 per share.

    It's amazing people buy a stock like LENF without knowing some basic facts about the company. After losing a lot of money on TASR, they still do not learn the lesson. It looks like LENF will go to $3 a share.

    It's likely that those pumpsters have been playing the "pump and dump" trick again after they have done with TASR.

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