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  • waterfallsparkles waterfallsparkles Aug 10, 2005 8:52 PM Flag

    This is not Christmas!

    Your Quote:
    "Add in the technical trading and games of the fund managers to shake retail lonsg out to force them to come back with fresh money to inject into the game. It's madness to buy this stuff on margin loans."

    And they wonder why they cannot entice the retail investor to get back into the market. Record high amounts of money in money market accounts and everyone flocking to Real Estate like there is no tomorrow.

    They take the market to record highs and expect all of the money in money market accounts to instantly jump into the market. It is not happening that is why we are in a constant trading range.

    Remeber once burned twice shy. Some investors will never get back into the market after 2000. Plus, with the 20 to 50% swings on earnings the market has just become one large casino and not investing at all.

    Wall Street has reaped huge gains by burning the retail investor taking their money but they have in the process also killed off the Golden goose for a feast and there will be no more golden eggs.


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    • Real estate is a huge bubble. In Australia real estates hit record high in 2003 then it slumps so badly now. People bought houses for 600K, now can only get 480K after 1.5 years and it is looking bad. They borrow 780% and now they have to service their debts. The US real estate boom will be over soon. And people are burdened with debts beyond their immagination. People thought that money will come out of real estates and go into stock markets. It's not true at all. People sit in mud and eventually lose their money to the banks. Also the inflated prices come down so the air is let out. Some lucky people and the banks get the money, the rest work like slaves to pay off the debts. Many lose their nest eggs.

      Now fund managers invest globally. Therefore when they finish with one market, they move to another and wait until fresh money comes in again. So you see a boom in Russia, then a bust somewhere else then a bust in Russia then a boom some where else ... money flows throughout the world markets with technical manipulations sucking money out of the retail investors. This is a casino and only some savvy ones win.

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