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  • newtechnologygeek newtechnologygeek Mar 18, 2013 4:22 AM Flag

    San Fransico decision on Tasers will be April

    Next month, SFPD will probably be allowed to carry Tasers.
    Leading to a Nice size order from Taser Int.

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    • San Fran as axc well knows and NY will put the pps well over $10,,,jmo,g

    • Even MORE....

      "In fact, two station captains, focusing only on their officers receiving training, were not talking in terms of teams. During an Oct. 17, 2012, community forum, Acting Capt. Balma of the Southern Station spoke at the SOMA Commission meeting only about CIT “training.” When Commissioner Angela Chan pressed Balma on whether his Southern District officers use verbal de-escalation crisis team training, he described unsophisticated Tenderloin crisis intervention – and not in teams.

      At the Feb. 27 commission meeting at the Marina’s St. Vincent De Paul School, Capt. McEachern of Northern Station spoke only about crisis intervention training. He confirmed separately he is trying to get as many officers as possible trained in crisis intervention, but not necessarily in the requisite elite teams.

      When Coalition on Homelessness organizer Lisa Marie Alatorre asserted that, in contrast to the list of other less-lethal weapons and deployment of Crisis Intervention Teams, Chief Suhr had focused the forums solely on tasers, Suhr erupted in an angry denial, insisting, “I am chief of police!”

      Perhaps this noteworthy defensive reaction betrays the real agenda – and Suhr’s actual intentions – playing out in the subtext of the SFPD’s decade-long push for devices as lethal as guns or knives, devices in the police “tool kit” that zap people with one quarter of the electric chair charge."

      So, even the Chief of police is out of control ....even when speaking in public forums!

      #$%$ cops just can't be trusted with deadly tasers, can't be trusted to tell the truth, and can't even be trusted to do the right thing!

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    • More...

      "Experts from groups well-known to be at risk of injury or death from tasers – people with physical and mental disabilities, small body mass, epilepsy, diabetes, autism and cardiac problems, seniors, users of illicit and prescribed drugs like HIV/AIDS sufferers – will speak out with other advocates.

      Cmdr. Mikail Ali’s proposed list of “less-lethal” options did include one type of net. However, its weak presentation and the laser-focus on tasers undermines the SFPD’s sincerity in their procurement.

      At the Feb. 11, 2013, Bayview Community Forum, Coalition on Homelessness Executive Director Jennifer Friedenbach, a CIT Working Group member, pressed the point to Police Chief Greg Suhr that CIT means elite Crisis Intervention TEAMS, not Crisis Intervention TRAINING.

      Friedenbach then listed eight out of 54 as-yet unrealized components of the team training:

      Only 118 out of 450 officers trained;
      Full 20-hour training for all 1,800 officers on communications skills incomplete;
      The 911 Protocol not fleshed out;
      Only partial development of the elite team itself learning de-escalation techniques with people in psychiatric crisis;
      Team supervision unrealized;
      No plan on what to do upon arrival at the scene; and
      No post-incident reviews.

      Suhr looked back blandly, saying, “We’re trying to train as many police officers (as possible.) We don’t want them in teams because one might not be available. We want most trained so that you get SOMEBODY. That’s been successful for us in the last two years.”

      He seemed unaware that the Police Commission’s resolution binds him to the team approach and that he himself confirmed, contradictorily, several times that only Crisis Intervention Team officers can carry tasers."


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    • Really? NOPE!


      "Public comment majorities at the Jan. 22 Hamilton Recreation Center, the Feb. 4 Scottish Rite Center and the Feb. 11 Bayview Opera House forums joined San Francisco taxpayers since 2001 in soundly rejecting Chief Suhr’s proposal to initiate a pilot program to arm Crisis Intervention Team officers with stun guns in de-escalation situations with people in mental health crisis and on medications or other substances.

      Hamilton commenters cited too much violence and unresolved police misconduct. The Scottish Rite group emphasized cops tasing folks in mental health crisis. The Bayview, still suffering from the SFPD murder of Kenneth Harding outside the Opera House, the apparent police wolf-packing of student Kevin Clark at 24th and Mission, and Christopher Dorner’s whistle-blowing on LAPD corruption, demanded immediate respect.

      The Police Commission resolution requires “consultation with communities of color, LGBT … and other key segments of the community.” Ignoring this mandate, the commission and Suhr have made no plans for a Castro community forum and have denied an urgent public request for forums in the Tenderloin and Mission, where CIT officers most frequently encounter people suffering public mental health crises.

      Therefore, Tenderloin residents have launched their own grass roots community forum. Hosted by Hospitality House, co-sponsored by the Coalition on Homelessness, “A Community Speak Out on Tasers” will be held Monday, March 25, at 201 Turk from 5:00 to 7:00 p.m. Suhr and the commissioners are invited along with District 6 Supervisor Jane Kim and Supervisors John Avalos, David Chiu and David Campos.

      Other invitees are Mental Health Board members who passed a resolution against tasers Nov. 14, 2012, members of the Youth Commission, who, on Feb. 19, 2013, voted for their own anti-taser resolution, and two other strong advocates against using tasers on people in mental distress, the San Francisco Mental Health Association and the ACLU."


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