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  • everyday092155 everyday092155 Jul 9, 2014 3:10 PM Flag

    Thomas v. Nugent

    I would guess this is the problem.

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    • Ideally all this liability goes away once we start seeing this incidents on the cameras. Smart move against people coming after them I think.

    • You need to read the case. The Court sent it back because the lower courts had said that the claims of the person arrested were irrelevant and did not have to be considered under the qualified immunity doctrine. In other words, that anything goes. Nothing whatsoever to do with tasers.

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      • "failed to construe the facts of the case in the light most favorable to the injured party, as required by law. Instead, the 5th Circuit had relied on the officer's testimony"

        The lawsuit doesn't include taser but the outcome could have an affect on the decision by law enforcement depts to equip officers with tasers. The reluctance I spoke of earlier. That does involve taser and shareholders.
        The question is what made taser stock drop 40% in the last 2 months and this pending issue is my guess.

    • Why would it be? You can misuse a hammer or a stone too.

      Once someone is in cuffs, its over. They are your guest, They shouldnt be hit, peeper sprayed or tasered.
      Officer screwed the pooch bigtime.

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      • The problem starts if that is a dept issued hammer or stone. The supreme court sent this back down and told the 5th Court of Appeals to try again, which is their way of saying get it right or we will. Law enforcement cannot simply fire an officer and wash their hand of misconduct. Video is a huge leap forward in the prevention of abuse and Taser has it down. This incident did happen over 5 yrs ago. But when an officer abuses someone with a Taser and it results in a lawsuit there will be a reluctance to continue issuing that equipment. If the abuse can't be stopped, then they'll have to go back to punching with their fists. Maybe they will hold this officer personally responsible and Taser stock jumps 25%.

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