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  • goodspecky goodspecky May 17, 2013 11:15 AM Flag

    Another fantastic week for this stock!

    Market keeps going and we sit at the same share price or lower. Something is wrong! 2012 was the year sales were really going to began. What happened? Almost midway through 2013 and we still have nothing. No more excuses its past time we get results. #$%$ or get off the pot!!

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    • they are at the mercy of Pentax now...
      No marketing, no leadership - HUGE market - and so far not anywhere near enough sales to offset the massive dilution that has occurred under Michael. One would think that under the insidious Obamacare TAX law, that cost saving measures like what SCIE has to offer would have a place be worthy of our socialized health market. That has been my hedge since the "health" TAX law took place, however we don't even sell our products here.

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      • The bottomline is that nothing will change with Mike at the helm. Although I do not know what Pentax's agreement with Spectra says, Pentax only hope is that they can front the capital to build the device or get the customer to furnish a deposit because Mike and Jim cannot raise funding to build the WavSTAT. As the saying goes, you can't sell it if you do not have the cash to build the product.

        Might I suggest that all unhappy shareholders on this board call Mark McWilliams, former interim CEO who hired Mike. He is a Board member and I believe that he is Chairman. Mark is CEO of Medipacs, Inc. in San Diego. His # is 858-227-0569. A member of my investment group spoke briefly with Mark 3 days ago and sent him a follow up email requesting that Mike step aside as he did directly to Mike. As of this post, Mark has not responded to the email. The more calls/emails that the Board receives from shareholders who are unhappy with Mike and Spectra as well as its Board, I believe can't hurt but might even urge the Board to take some sort of positive action. It probably is wishful thinking.

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