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  • spontaneddious spontaneddious Mar 20, 2009 2:42 PM Flag

    Cramer say anything about fnm/fre last night?

    one of the last things he said about fannie and freddie was that they are worthless and he would not touch them ... why would he say this?

    he also continued to say sure they may still rise, but in the end they are worthless.

    are fannie and freddie going away for ever soon?
    what about AIG? will they go away also. seems like it

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    • the sooner they take cramer off the air. the sooner the sheeple will stop loosing "some" of their ignorant $$. caramer is a COMPLETE PHUCKWIT why in gods name would you give him credit for any more than sucking down someone elses oxygen?

    • Cramer is an expert on "worthless". He has pumped tons of it on his show. Look, Cramer is an entertainer, so watch the show for it's entertainment value, not investment advice. All that said, he does have the power to move a stock, one way or the other. The effect is short term though. Selling yesterday into that huge upward move was a no-brainer for me, as it should have been for many others. There will be more opportunities though, as this stock and few others are going to reverse themselves and climb to the stratosphere without looking back. In this market, a run like that was destined to run out of fuel. I'm surprised that it got as high as it did.

    • why he says it?... because it's in fashion. whatever makes him more dollars

      You got to give it to the dude. he is funny. Not often right but then again, he doen't get paid to be right

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