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  • bankbailouts Aug 17, 2010 9:54 AM Flag

    As Sure A Bet As Death & Taxes !

    This is a joke at 38 cents a share and its backed by Uncle Sam All The Way & The American Taxpayer Come on People Load Up Before It Is To Late ! Fannie & Freddie are not going away anytime soon and who is backing them ? OMG WAKE UP PEOPLE AND LOAD THE TRUCKS FULL !

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    • You don't get it.

      The debt of GSE is "effectively " backed by Treasury (US Gov) BUT NOT COMMON SHARES!!!!!

      Common shares are completely and uterly worthless.

      Even if the GSE are returned back from conservatorship as public co's the curent shares are still worthless.

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      • bankbailouts Aug 17, 2010 7:01 PM Flag

        As a taxpayer I helped bailout FRE & FNM and now Ive invested in them so I see no better way to recoup my initial investment other to invest in it now ! As far as the shares being worthless they are worth thirty six cents a share the last time I checked ! You are wrong and misleading people by saying the shares will be canceled this inst a BK so wtf show some DD or stfu and go away because you have no business here and the last thing yahoo financial message boards need is another crusader trying to save me money as they reap off my losses ! Thanks but no thanks i think I am going to stay put with my 200 k shares and play long ball because its gonna be A Grand Slam IMO.

      • No, You don't get it!!!
        Common is not worthless at all and WILL come back.
        There's no point and incentive to get rid of common at these prices and outstanding share numbers.
        Besides, if it was worthless, they would have taken care of it long time ago. Educate yourself about the difference between conservatorship and receivership. FNF is NOT in receivership!

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