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  • gary0barnes gary0barnes Jan 25, 2013 11:26 AM Flag

    sick and tired of this stocks pps

    sick and tired of this stocks pps should have sold it a long time ago ...what gives with pps performance. this really sucks stock should be $1 +

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    • The longer it is not $1, the more likely it is that it really is not worth as much as you thought

    • its doesnt matter how great the earnings are, and it doesnt matter how strong the housing market is.
      The fact remains that this junk will NOT improve as long as the government is involved. Smart money tends to stay away from government-controlled stocks.
      The GSE's have become a sort of piggy bank for the feds, and the feds like it this way. This is why the c-ship will last for a long time.
      There may be a sucker pop here and there, but long term investing into this mess is incredibly foolish.
      Eventually, everyone will come to realize that I speak the truth.

    • Then why are you sick of a stock that's undervalued? You should want to buy it while it's low and hold until you feel it's time to see it a s huge profit. It's the American Congressional Way!!

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

    • That will not happen until this pinko governmant gets out of the mortgage business. When fnma and free stop making money, perhaps then the pps will improve because the government will lose interest.

      Sentiment: Hold

    • thank Obama

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      • Tommer
        You do know it was Bush and Paulson who did the conservatorship
        Now decide if you like or hate them for not putting FNM through a forced CH7-11 what would have wiped out ALL equity years ago

        Now - we know the REPS in the house want to wipe out FNM - 100% - no money to equity
        Now - we know the WH - DEMS have put out position papers with various ideas and have on purpose stalled the outcome .... which so far has kept some hope alive
        Why you or esaw below think BO and DEMS are bad for the equity in GSEs is not a position supported by any action of BO or DEMS
        hate the people who funked you - not just BO because you do not understand his policies

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