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  • dell_stk dell_stk Mar 7, 2013 11:09 PM Flag

    FNF will stay and will do better than before, just wait and see!

    Feds could have given hard time to AIG if they wanted to, but they didn't. What makes you think that they will give a hard time to FNF?

    Banks and AIG didn't pay interest for the debt they received, then why should FNF pay?

    Fed will not like to keep any company in c-ship for longer time, their interests are also same as common share holders interest, so they will eventually come up with a plan to make FNF pay off their debt, like they did to avoid taking 10% dividends.

    One or two or three republicans is not entire Fed system, so far very very few republicans are opposing the existence of FNF, so what? There are many who wanted to keep FNF in place as it is.

    Chinese govt will not keep quite if anybody messes up with FNF, beware. They have invested trillons of dollars. If somebody messes up with FNF, I won't be surprised if they take any serious action against US.

    I can keep on writing but one should use common sense, why should FNF go away. They will stay and will do better than before, just wait and see.

    Last point, if Fed wanted to wipe out FNF then what are they waiting for, it would have happened long time back.

    For US's sake, FNF both are minting profits in billions of dollars and keeping every American resident fill full their dreams. if not FNF then no 30 years fixed loan, if there are no 30 years fixed loan then nobody can see their American dream come true. Which means US economy will not improve and in fact look out for a depression. These banks without even getting into mortgage business they were and are in still big trouble. Imagine these banks operating mortgage loans.

    Whether Banks or GSEs it doesn't matter, its the policies that matter.

    If a policy is good and work of one system then it should work for any system, whether the name of the system is Banks or GSEs or private firms it doesn't matter.

    Please stop ranting about the GSEs (FNF). Please come up with ideas how Fed can make policies that will work for any system and every system.

    Sentiment: Strong Buy

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