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  • cirrus8474 cirrus8474 May 30, 2013 12:48 AM Flag

    The Insanity!

    I am no expert but last year I bought 10000 shares at .31p/ me it was a value buy....I didn't think that as an American institution there was much chance of it not going back up...despite all its woes...I thought it would hit at least .60c in the near future...when I saw all the profit it was making I knew I was wrong it had much more potential than I had given it credit for!

    Today I sold around them around $ thought process was it had to eventually get some resistance and the timing felt right......So I made about $45k on a 3k investment in little over a year....not bad for the little guy...
    I still remember when everyone said I was insane throwing my money those same people tell me I got lucky....Maybe.

    However I know 2 things to be true about our country and who controls our economy...
    1. The Fed controls everything and as long as they're taking in profits...which by the way have been doing so almost none stop since the collapse....nothing is going to change.
    2. The idiots that run our country can't agree on even the most minor things...Let alone be trusted to come up with a new way of doing business by restructuring the likes of Fannie Mae...No Way!!!!

    Facts are its going to be around for a lot longer than anyone thinks...the Fed will assist in making all the lawsuits go away and at this rate of profit share prices will be up to $10 p/s sooner than later anyway, and because we the American Investor want to believe in our institutions... therefore when it comes to them we seem to have a tendency of making decisions based on our emotions rather than the numbers.... wrong or right Americans will keep investing in both FNMA and FMCC pushing the price up no matter what...

    Either that or like my friends think my investing habits are that of an insane person..... just like the 10000 shares I bought right back today at about $2.50......

    Sentiment: Strong Buy

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    • Congrats on being so smart to start investing when no one was paying attention. I knew the real estate market was picking up late last year but never triggered my thoughts of checking F&F. I bought at $1.9 last week and bought some more today at $2.8 and even $4.8. Not only do I believe that the government backing will make it very unlikely to go under, I believe more than the underlying strength of the real estate market. I believe that it is only the end of the beginning and we may see $10 by year end if not sooner.

    • Congrats on your profit and newly acquired shares!

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

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