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  • peacefrommike peacefrommike Jun 7, 2013 10:18 PM Flag

    I don't get it? why would S&P even care about fnma and fmcc at this point?

    unless fnma and fmcc aren't going to be "wound down" after all??!!

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    • rmurphree Jun 8, 2013 7:53 AM Flag

      the rating only applied to the part of FNMA that serviced multi-family housing loans. Since i hold shares of FNMA, I like the positive news, to me it doens't really mean much at this point. I don't a lot of stock (pun intended) in these ratings. the important fact is that FnF's are making money, a lot of money and have earned the right to be released from conservatorship. But I think the Obama administration might not release them so that they can continue to rack in their profits to offset their deficit spending. Eventually they will be released, perhaps with stonger oversight and stiffer rules, but they will not be liquidated.

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    • richeydouglas Jun 7, 2013 10:21 PM Flag

      I speculate both are going to become wards of the state.. that is the only way we can avoid another housing collapse.. S&P statement is clear the government needs to handle this part of the economy and not crony capitalist. HOUSING would collapse again in two years if the government was to release them back to the crony capitalist run market.. PROTECTING CONSUMERS AND TAXPAYERS BY MAKING THEM PERMANENT WARDS OF STATE IS THE IDEAL SOLUTION FOR HOUSING TO WORK FOR EVERYONE.

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      • rmurphree Jun 8, 2013 7:56 AM Flag

        let's get one thing straight, FnF's did not cause the housing crisis....

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      • my question remains unanswered. why does S&P do this now? the only thing that makes sense is that there will be a change regarding fnma and fmcc in the near future whereby the S&P rating has value. If the government is expected to keep fnma and fmcc, any S&P rating specific to fnma and fmcc makes no sense at all. In that case, the government's rating would be their rating right? This is another clue that these companies are such a big part of the economy that they are coming back and to have their own rating is necessary for them to be private once again. how could this mean anything else? this rating is huge news for these two companies and gives them huge stand alone legitimacy. fnma and fmcc will be set free soon based on this news I believe. Once all the money is paid back, the fed cannot keep them anymore. That is not the American way. These two companies are the biggest come back story in the history of the US economy. America loves a comeback. Isn't this the American dream?

      • S&P would be interested, cos at one point Both FNMA & FMCC will be back in NYSE trading big time :P

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