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  • srbbs srbbs Jun 25, 2013 8:46 AM Flag

    Under the Gang of 8’s backroom immigration deal with Senators Schumer, Corker and Hoeven


    Following a link from the above article, Phil Klein at the Washington Examiner explains further in Immigration and Obamacare’s employer mandate

    As the implementation of Obamacare approaches, there have been many news reports about companies considering cutting back full-time workers to part-time, or taking other actions to get around the mandate penalties. The immigration bill would offer employers another way out –hiring fewer American citizens and more immigrants with provisional legal status.

    It’s not surprising that this unintended consequence hasn’t yet been resolved, because there’s no easy fix. One way of eliminating the problem would be to get rid of the employer mandate in Obamacare altogether – which would be a non-starter for Democrats. The other way would be to give noncitizen immigrants with provisional status access to Obamacare’s benefits – which would destroy any hopes of garnering Republican votes.

    The issue was never addressed in any of the more than 200 amendments proposed when the immigration legislation made its way through the Senate Judiciary Committee.

    And so here we are. Obamacare encourages hiring part-time workers over full-time workers and an immigration bill, if passed as it currently sits, would encourage hiring of amnestied immigrants over US citizens.
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    • Yawwnnnn...
      Dude, you have some "right wing" political motivations that are way, WAY beyond the objectives of 99.9% of the folks on this mssg board.
      I am a capitalist placing my capital at risk in this F&F play.
      I could give a flying ___ about your's or, anyone's political motivations.
      Keep that stuff to yourself 'cause nobody cares! NOBODY CARES about your Obama Care views.
      We have our money on Fannie & Freddie and that's all my motivation at the moment, eh.

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