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  • ripper028 ripper028 Jun 27, 2013 8:14 PM Flag

    Obama on a 100 Million Dollar trip to Africa - #$%$?

    Maybe he should stay there!!!

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    • OH no!! Bush did not cause the Great Recession ,but it only happened during his presidency, eh.
      And while we are into this "revisionist History" let's just blame that on Prez Obama to come full circle.
      We will call your history book: "The World According to My Own Political Beliefs".
      The world has not seen such pompous, self-aggrandizing buffoonery form some pretentious, ten stone, half-wit claiming to be the ultimate historical arbiter of greatness.
      What a knee slapper!
      Oh, what a witless question: " The question is, will this country survive him?" It's the ECONOMY stupid!!!
      With the stock market at record highs, The Budget Deficit plunging from $1.4 Trillion to under $600 Billion amounting to 3% of GDP: how could His Eminence: the ultimate arbiter of history ask such a question?
      All this achieved under "Obama is the worse president this country has ever had."
      Such intellectual cretins with substandard education with no level observable level of "CRITICAL THINKING".

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      • The name of the book is "The World According to Fox News" Watch it and learn something.

      • You're a FN idiot! It took more than 20 years for this great recession to come to head. It'a politics, sliming back room deals on both sides of the aisle, led mostly by a gayass socialistic liberalism mentality to bring this country to it's knees. Obama did not cause the recession. He's making worse. More importantly, he's turning this country into something it was conceived originally, NEVER to be! You don't think he's lazy? You don't think he's too inexperienced for the job? You think he's HOT, right? Maybe Obama should moved to Hollywood after is 2nd term of ruination is complete. You are a clueless probably 20 something yo liberal college indoctrinated naive idiot! Basically you're just repeated the BS your lib professors fed your collective idealistic lil pea brain! FK off, you box of rocks!

    • Obama is the worse president this country has ever had. History will prove that. The question is, will this country survive him? I'm not a racist, I just HATE his poilitics and beliefs. Bush did NOT cause the great recession and History will prove that as well. It was the Dems house and senate and pouzzy rinos that led to all the laxed mortage lending. History will prove it all. Liberals are not clear minded. And, as soon as a big bad MF comes looking to kick their a ..s..s, they run behind a strong conservative willing to fight and die for his country.

    • You're wrong, Rush said it was $100 Billion.

    • Why don't you go hang out at the fox-news website with like-minded friends, eh.
      You are no investor. Because if you were, you will realize that Prez Obama has presided over the the greatest stock market performance in U.S. History!
      And this; following on the heels of the worst slump since The Great Depression. Everyone's 401K are back and making money -- hand over fist -- under Obama. Obama has Bulls running "hog-wild" all over Wall Street, and my portfolio for more than 4.5 years!!!
      I have done exceptionally well financially since Obama took office.
      I have come to realize, that the only color that matters is green, and Obama has had a profound -- life altering -- economic effect on my life.
      Apparently, you have been listening to the fox-news eggspurts and avoided investing in the Market. He has made race less relevant in the 21st Century, eh.
      So, you and your Sybil wannabe self should go back to the last century. Your racism makes you soo OLD and out of touch in these modern times. Your racial barbs are not even funny. UGH!! OLD PRUNES, like you should have stayed in the 20th Century!!!
      As far as I am concerned, Prez Obama is among the GREATEST OF AMERICANS and, has earned whatever he gets for the service he has done for America, especially after the sack o' dung economy Bush left him in 2007-2008, eh.

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      • Fox news tells it like it is…… Nothing but the truth!

      • still blaming Bush for your problems huh? Typical libtard, accept no responsibility and blame everyone else. "Greatest Americans"? HAHAHAHAHAHAA! Ever see the 2016 Documentary? His mentor growing up was a card carrying Communist Party member. How about the Rev. Jeremiah Wright? Besides his silverback wife tipped his hand. She hates this country, and we pay for her mother to live in the Black House. Keep that bag over your head pal, I love to put imbeciles in their place . Especially libtard idealists. If Obama has done anything, it's set back race relations in this country 50 years. And no son, the stock market was the strongest under Clinton. You really need to educate yourself and read some unbiased news.

    • it only cost 30 million to fly to the space station.

    • Do you know what kind of state of the art homeless facility could have been built, or send inner city children to day camp for a week from like 6 different states? Nah, this #$%$ would rather spend it on himself and his Silver Back wife, who HATES AMERICA. Now a proud day to be an American.

    • You and your "6 Yahoo aliases" have been trying to shop this fox-news disinformation nonsense for the past 4 days with multiple posting. Your are such a sissy, you Sybil wannabe!
      The dog just wont hunt, eh; why not drop it.
      Most intelligent people on this mssg board know that, what your news source, failed to inform you on this story is; that the President has no control over the cost of his foreign travels.
      These costs are fixed. And that was the existing cost -- adjusted for inflation -- before Mr. Obama took office, and will remain after he leaves office.
      You sound like a semi literate, a below average IQ, who barely survived HS; an ardent racist, a homophobe, who spends all his waking hours posting irrelevant #$%$ that a majority of people find to be of ZERO value.
      Any amateur psychologist can see through your personal issues with: low self-esteem, and lack of confidence that is driving your obsessive compulsion toward bigotry and hatred. You're such a sicko!!!
      You don't advance the discourse, nor contribute any ideas of value to investors who own stock in FNMA & FMCC.
      It's time to pack up your crayons and go elsewhere, and take your 6, or 7 Yahoo aliases too, eh.

    • Democrats love spending the tax payers money!

    • Spending your money!!

    • Dude, it's the weekend and it's summertime, eh.
      Why don't you grab your babe, and beat the heat by going to a movie and grab a snow cone on the way, like I will be doing when my girl arrives in few?
      OH, you don't have a baby-girl you can call your own, nor you haven't had a date,it show and haven't gotten laid in like forever?
      Well, it shows and that's too bad, eh.
      'Cause now you're going to have to waste your days away web-trolling streams of nonsense, using all of your 3, or 4 aliases spewing racist nonsense all over the WEB to get attention.
      Boo, hoo! I am happy I am so not you!!! You are such a bore.
      Your only legacy in life is to be an old, ignorant, web troll who can't get laid on a beautiful summer day.
      You are an old left over relic from the pre-Civil Rights Era, and you should have stayed in the last century.
      Go back to the 1940's where you and your type belong!.
      What a sad and pathetic excuse for a human. UGH!!!!

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