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  • p_123bore Jul 15, 2013 5:22 PM Flag

    Negative publicity campaign

    I have never seen a stock with such a negative publicity campaign. Practically every day there is a negative story about the company and/or stock. When will this end? Is it horrible that this company is making billions of dollars each quarter and stockholders would like to make some money off this company? Isn't that the way our system works? Wish we could see at least two or three days without all the negative stories and give this stock some chance to trade based on earnings.

    Sentiment: Strong Buy

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    • You will read those negative articles and enjoy them! You MUST sell your shares so that the powers that be, and me, can buy all your shares and make money when it goes to 60, losers! Now, what was I going to say about everybody's wives?

    • The company is in C-ship, and is being threatened by both parties to be dissolved. Even obammy publicly said the companies should be shuttered.
      A company with this much trouble cannot trade based on earnings. All the earnings in the world cannot erase the fact that powerful people from both parties are currently hard at work designing and creating a way to eliminate the GSE's.
      The lawsuits?.................I think that will end up in court for years and eventually be tossed out.
      Currently, its a great stock to trade, but very foolish to think it will rebound to pre 2008 levels.

    • richeydouglas Jul 15, 2013 9:09 PM Flag

      because both were promised by congress to be winded down after crony capitalist bankrupted housing and the economy at taxpayer expense.. Taxpayers are not your bank we don't want to be exposed to anymore to wall street mortgage risk and fraud...

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      • that is why FNF will weed out all these crooks just you wait and see....many crooks settled and many more will be revealed but if they got killed those fraudsters would have gotten away...imo

      • F&F were a taxpayer expense? Not hardly. The debt will be fully paid back to taxpayers with interest. I wonder if you can you tell me how many other taxpayer supported bailouts worked out this well? Please when you make your one/two line comments, try to explain your answer with a little more reason. I take it is your idea to let the private market handle the trillions in mortgage lending without any type of government backstop. To let the private market be entirely responsible for home lending interest rates. You want to talk corruption, cronyism and Wall St. fraud? Then support the Corker bill because that is what is will eventually lead to. This country needs heavily regulated reform with Fannie and Freddie instead of trying to re-invent something that works, especially when there is policy that could be enforced to minimize taxpayer risk. The taxpayer will not lose a dime in the end with F&F. Please tell us how these are to be REALISTICALLY winded down. First suggestion might be to tell the Treasury to get there grubby hands out of QE. Good luck with that.

    • I have also wondered the same thing as if they were finding reason to blame these entities on the housing crisis, Personally I believe it is an orchestrated attack for the many banks that are on the hook for hundreds of billions for underwriting risky loans. I'm thinking this is an opportunity to weasel out and unfortunately most Americans aren't bright enough to understand what the roles were in the 2008 financial banking crisis. Most of these articles are the reason why I remain because I believe Ted Olsen knows a little more about the law then a these armchair lawyer wannabes. The survey one is quiet amusing, I would like a survey asking people to explain the reason for the 2008 housing crisis. Or better yet - What is Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac and what is their purpose. I would bet nearly three quarters wouldn't know or get it wrong.

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      • when this is over it will reveal all the imbiciles and incompetents that caused this mess because of their ego and self serving attitudes created this mess getting played by the big wall street crooks, which they wont admit to...imo

      • I agree with your assessment and can only assume that the banks are paying these journalists to perpetrate this smear campaign. But how will it be explained when the mantra of "the GSE's robbed the us taxpayer" to one where the GSE's are now the taxpayers personal piggy bank... Will it be justified then to burn the rightful owners via some more public manipulation...

        Or will truth prevail and people see that these are not the monsters that others make them out to be... They saved our butts big time... so now they get to walk home poor and we get to reinvent via some unproven political action?????

        OMG, who wants to live in a society like that

    • well spoken, yes....a real tragedy...
      another thing, go to either or both of fannie mae and/or freddie mac's websites and look at all the statistics
      they have that refute that "negativite"'s really a contradiciton, what some call a "disconnect."

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