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  • stack977 stack977 Aug 23, 2013 5:52 PM Flag

    Another tough week for us longs....

    All these articles making false accusations and pushing their own opinion as fact is quite annoying. On top of that, I don't think bruce bought anything this week, maybe a couple shares on the bid. That was disappointing to me to see such flat volume.... Any hoot, I'm hanging tough and hoping for a trend reversal sometime soon.

    It seems to me the MM has a choke hold on this puppy, if they want it to go up, it does. Or down.... It doesn't matter how many shares are bought on the ask. The otc is a joke.... I keep my fingers crossed and hope it explodes one day soon and shorts get squeezed and we stabilize higher. If this isn't one of the most manipulated stocks out there, I don't know what's worse.

    I still won't sell a share, I still see no way possible that the treasury can sweep profits after the money is paid back in full to the taxpayers Which is by years end. Will they release us then or start returning profits to shareholders? or go to court and try to steal the taxpaying shareholders money to repay the tax payers who have already been repaid in full? What legal grounds do the feds have to stand on when push comes to shove in court? A sweep amendment THEY initiated 4 years after the conservator agreement with no approval, witnesses, attorneys, shareholders present to object to? Any judge will be forced to let us go or be compensated, PERIOD! I still like our position here, just not the pps.

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    • Excellent post written from the heart with free flowing thoughts ; fully agree and yes it has been a rough 2 weeks with a loss of 45 cents representing 26% loss ; more or less a 5 cent drop everyday for 2 weeks ; MM are in strict control as evident everyday by the sawtooth graph ; this reminds me of the 0.30 days all over again except this time we are above $1 ; those were never ending painful days but worth it at the end ; same pattern repeats

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      • It is painful to watch, but I believe in the long run, as explained in a article I read by some guy yesterday, This is gonna be a huge win( 20 bagger plus) or a complete bust. I haven't heard one legal person give legitimate grounds for the government to stand on, not one lawyer!!! All we hear is people talking about the sweep amendment. That amendment was not executed legally and will lose in court. The feds elected to conserve FNF not receivership in 2008. End of discussion. What they did in 2012 was just illegal as it gets.

        By years end this stock will be in the spotlight again and lawsuits will be progressing, the debates will become one sided our way. They can say what they want, but bottom line is 190 billion will have been taken from FnF, where it went, we don't care, but they took it from us.

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    • Our government is like a loan shark. Keeps milking this cash cow and won't let it go. Just because they used tax payers money to rescue F&F mean than they can keep them forever. Once the money is paid back, they should be free to go and return profits to shareholders, like us. We should be paid a dividend. Instead, Washington is using the repayment to cover their deficit and they can continue to give away benefits to keep the mid term election going. This is totally absurd.

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      • While it's true the government appears to be behaving as a loan shark, in reality the debt is being repaid very rapidly. All the idle talk of the "dividends" not paying down the debt is without basis, as the repayment was always in the form of "dividends" on the senior preferred shares, and the Takings Clause guarantees that all the money counts. There was no interest rate set, so it all goes toward principal. Once the debt is repaid, the senior preferred shares retired, the warrants for common shares cancelled, conservatorship ended, the stock relisted to the big board, and normal dividends resumed, we will be in very good shape indeed.

      • I agree. Their is no legal grounds or past references in history where anything like this has taken place in the past. Even a mob loan shark wouldn't try to strong arm someone like this. This is the most profitable company last quarter in existence. Tens of thousands tax paying citizens own these stocks No way in court, especially with all the banks being sued and settling for the wrong doings they did to cause the collapse, be stolen away from us. Legally it's a joke. WATCH THE PERRY CAPITAL LAWSUIT VIDEO ON YOUTUBE. He sums it all up well. Stay long my friend.

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    • pay no attention to fact and logic.
      Just keep on buying those cheap shares! Yessir, ole berkowitz and the mm's are trying to scare you into to selling so they can have your incredibly cheap shares!
      50.00 by santa!

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      • I just figured you out. Aside from being paid to bash this stock (and Im sure other stocks as well), you are jealous! YOU, cant afford to invest or buy any stocks because your a starving student working (here) for peanuts to pay your rent. You want in! What a lil POS! Go beg Mommy for 10k and buy in, you piece of doodoo!

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