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  • oedeon oedeon Nov 21, 2013 1:44 PM Flag

    Read this and would like your opinions ...

    Government and the Banks have successfully destroyed the average American saving by scapegoating FnF for the mess they created, well, the Banks mostly, but Government too is guilty as it looked the other way when the Banks was playing dirty games and did nothing about it. And now, Banks has to pay pennies as compares to the billions they swindled, and still, Government did nothing about it --- sure it sues the Bank .... it's just a slap in a hand for a bad boys.

    Imagine how many billions dollars that the mutual funds have-to/forced-to abandon FnF share from their portfolio when they move to OTC? Billions fixed income (of the elderly) was destroyed because of it.

    In addition, the fact that Banks and The Gov intentionally let FnF going under is to rob and steal FnF shareholders (the owner of the companies) for their purpose.
    1) Bank was so greedy and sold bad loans to FnF,
    2) Gov failed to act and enforced the law for the Banks illegal behavior,
    3) Banks got bail-out money from the Gov(where do you think they got the money from?) to pay off banks execs as bonus instead of rotate them in economy,
    4) Gov put FnF in Conservatorship while Banks shorted FnF and run the share price to the ground and make money along the way (I am sure some of the 'Knowing' such as crooked reps got something out of it),
    5) Gov steal FnF dividends from its shareholders, and lastly,
    6) Banks and Gov (with the help of crooked reps) wants FnF to fail and wither away in the wind so they can cover up their wrongdoings.

    Perfect case, isn't it?

    Now, the Government, the Banks, and Private Investors try to steal the whole FnF for themselves leaving out the loyal investors who actually owned the company.

    Is this third world country whereas the Govs can just take anything it wants?

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