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  • rafikiaus rafikiaus Mar 16, 2002 11:19 PM Flag

    CSC Is Doing Well

    Yes. That is exactly what has been happening for some years. Look at it this way: CSC/FSG does not need to pay for top quaility talent in order to sell a product. All they need is enough expertise to make the product APPEAR as quality. If they would have spent 1/3 of the money they wasted on litigation and inept managemnt, on a good technical staff they would have captured their market years ago. But they hire there own kind, only listen to there own kind and blame everyone else but there own kind. And now that they have failed miserably, they lay-off anyone who would discern the reason.

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    • And, CSC has had a bad habit of promising the client things that are unrealistic. In addition they have had the habit of not keeping control of their business and being honest with the client about what can and cannot be done, as well as what makes sense. They would promise the client - "Yes, this can be done", then when presented to the technical folks who were now responsible to make it happen, they would find out it couldn't be done after all. But rather than face up to the truth with the client, they would force poor quality crap on the clients, many of whom were under the same mis-management on their side. At least one major client in the FSG area I was in, would regularly demand delivery on a specific date, regardless of whether it was really ready properly or not. CSC management couldn't own up to the fact that they'd offerred more than made good sense in a technical world, and the clients wouldn't own up to the fact that they couldn't make CSC deliver on a specific deadline. All around poor corporate management, which apparently isn't all that uncommon in big companies like CSC. And don't lose site of the fact that CSC gives obvious credence to the fact that they don't care to keep the VTG product, as was mentioned in a prior post

      Those still employed with CSC, get while the gettin's good! There are real companies out there looking to operate on sound principles. Go find those companies and enjoy a career. Get out before CSC saps you of all you may have once had!

      PAYDAY IS FRIDAY, FOLKS. By now the cover has been taken off the axe and the blade is being sharpened.

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      • Allegedly, some of the staff that CSC FSG place on client projects is also not up to the rates that CSC FSG charge for the 'experts'. Allegedly, there are generally a couple of good people per project who have to carry a whole bunch more. Perhaps the clients should check all such resources and demand references from previous projects. Perhaps the clients should not take CSC's word of the resources abilities. Allegedly CSC FSG has on occasions put in unsuitable or the wrong skilled people just so they can take money off a client. From my perspective CSC FSG did have a lot potential but as a result of poor greedy blinkered management it has not been realised. CSC FSG could have been in much better shape if they had taken care of their clients and hard working staff. Has anyone been keeping a running total of the number of litigations that CSC FSG has had to face or has been threatened to face unless certain contractual agreements had been meet which should have been meet anyway?

      • I agree with you Free - CSC has a habit of over promising and not delivering to everyone - not just clients, Employees also.

        Look at all they promised to the Mynd-less numbers. "No Layoffs after the original one" but not a week goes by that someone isn't "let go". (they let them go in such small numbers that they dont have to report it) Keep it under the radar scope. Funny though - they let people go in Columbia, NJ, IL and elsewhere and hire/replace them in Texas - with people who have less experience. And they expect to give the same level of service. I am sure this direction comes from the top of HR (she has SOOOO much HR expereince - NOT).

        And as they "let people go that arent needed" the rest of us have to pick up that slack that was left. Seems like when they say someone's job isnt needed they give that job to people who have already taken on 3 other "downsized" employees jobs. It's pretty simple though - CSC wants the Mynd-less numbers to quit. Work them to death or until they come to their senses and quit.

        They really only wanted to buy Mynd to take the clients, the product and get rid of the people. It's just taking them a little longer to kill it than they thought.

        Watch the FALSE promises.

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