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  • phil_b4 phil_b4 Oct 9, 2002 11:06 AM Flag

    H1Bs are frauds:fake experience/educati

    on. Read this:
    What amazes me that the INS and the US consulate there know that many, perhaps most of H1B applicants have neither the real experience nor education besides a short course(while some claim PHDs and Masters) and still issue visas!
    Next is a link to SUN-related website about the
    H1B problem being addressed there

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    • Why do these types of posts seem to come from people that live in Texas? I hope that I never have to live there.

    • "Humble Indian???" Is that an oxymoron, such as government efficiency, military intelligence, and jumbo shrimp? Gee, I thought that the "White Male" was supposed to be the most racist group on the planet!!! Look like I was wrong... You damned Indians were educated by the British, and they turned your ass-backward country that worships cows and has millions of diseased and starving into an ass-backward country that STILL worships "hamburger-on-the-hoof," while starvation and disease still decimates your population, BUT, NOW you can speak English! Oh, how so very nice... And by the ultra-racist diatribe (or diarrhea? tripe?) that you spouted here it sounds like you haven't learned a frigging thing!!! Why don't you go back to India and fight the Pakistanis for Kashmir!!! Who really gives a shit about your humility or pride, let alone your arranged marriages?!? You treat your sacred cows better than you treat your women!!! I have news for you, you dot-headed, pencil-necked subcontinental Geek: There are plenty of red blooded Americans that would gladly open a huge can of "whoop-ass" on you sniveling shits that badmouth the U.S.A.!!! You don't like Americans? Then get the f*ck out!!! We don't want your nasty asses here!!!

    • Damn, message does not sound to "humble" to me..... on a more serious note, I would like to thank you guys for the gambling reservations. Beats flying to Vegas.... Have a good one.

    • by: humbleindian2002
      Long-Term Sentiment: Strong Buy 10/29/02 06:47 pm
      Msg: 11020 of 11190


      I read some of your racist remarks...and being an Indian..have decide to educate your simple minds...
      Humble Indian
      � Firstly don�t make fun of our food dickhead....learn up on your little 400 year old black history dickhead�..USA was fucking discovered trying to find Indian chilies to use in your shitass tastless menu items such that it can have a bit of flavor.....
      � Indian are Humble Family oriented Generous ..Religious loving people...respected by all....
      � From very young we are taught
      # who to respect such as our Parents ,Teachers�and who not
      to�.such you dickhead�
      # Who to love such as our family and friends and who not to such you
      # who to love and marry such as our arranged wife and her family..and who not to � such your slut sister and your slut wife..
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      Dickhead go outside and smell the air dick�.we rule/run your country and fuck your wife/daughter/ and mother....�.we are only second to Jews in Wealth and power in your shit as country�.
      � Soon Your President George W Bush will be a Puppet to all our demands� cos he also wants his coke fix but does not have any money�.
      Dickhead Indians are the fastest growing(financially) most educated ethnic minority in the USA that remains segregated from the rest of your shit as community by choice.. I hope you understand why this is so�.... and what does this mean to you dickhead this means that you are going to clean my toilet soon so that you can get your coke fix��dickhead� you are not worth one bit for anyone let alone for your own country�.
      � Indian are No1�We are Humble people.... our religion/culture/lifestyle is the oldest known to Humans� and you should learn up on that�our roots are traceable to many thousands of years� while you may be able to trace back to your mother who is sucking my dick right now cos she wants her coke fix�..
      � Note dickhead our history� we did not go and invade another country to steal their wealth and then claim to be Powerful.. the country you live in� UK/Australia.. all claim to be developed Countries but they keep forgetting that their wealth originally came from stealing it from the indigenous people who owned the land that they now claims as theirs�so dick head if your Bastad dad did not kill of the native Indians that lived in USA then guess what you will also be cleaning toilets�.dick get educated not�be ignorant�
      � I guess everyone now knows and understand why you are a big asshole�its not your fault its your origins�its in your blood to be racist steel and fuck everybody wife�s and their daughters we understand�
      post #11020, INFY board had four recommendations - apparently from every Indian active on that board at the time. This is not by any means the most venomous post that I've seen on various boards, just a more detailed one...

    • I am an american. As to my ethnic heritage, I am certain you would be shocked to find that I too share a WASP ancestry.

      OOOOOOOOOO that must make your blood boil to see a traitor in your midst. Of course, you would find any of this repugnant. Your children will be undereducated and undermotivated because of the sheer monument to stupidity that you are.

      As to what is in those streets you talk about, I would say it must have spilled from your head because that seems to be the only thing in your brain. Stinky dried failed ideologies that foster ignorance.

      For a moment there I thought you were taking a liking to me getting all concerned over aesthetics.

      Of course what really gets you going is the fact that I might out earn, out perform and be better educated than your pure kids that you will have warped and taught nothing but ignorance. If you love your kids, shut your mouth and let them in the real world, not some freak show with under educated LOSERS trying to exploit the anger of the few who actually earn their money.

      Keep it up and I will re up your subscription to Diversity now.

    • My objecting to your presence here on esthetic
      and cultural grounds hardly qualifies me as a
      freak or even right wing for that matter. You
      need to be home, in the garbage and sh*t filled
      streets of your proud motherland

    • oh! silly.
      If you don't care what the multinationals sell or what the economics is all about, then I am afraid that the best you could do is post in this message board. If they don't do business, there is no business to keep you employed.If not employed, atleast you get your unemployement dole out from the Govt, which gets its taxes from these multinationals.

      Grow up! Think! US economy is no more isolated. It is largely influenced by what happens to the economy around the world.

    • "Well, there are certain .... groups
      who ruin neighborhoods when they move in"

      You are the group that ruins the future.

    • "There is no valid reason for hating Indians"
      Really..? Well, there are certain ethnic groups
      who ruin neighborhoods when they move in; through kickbacks and bribery indians move into corporations and do the same thing - hardly a reason to love them(even if they were to discover the use of soap and deodorants)

    • "Wrong, the H1B program was created at the behest of corporate greed. "

      You elect the folks who makes the laws. You can also introduce your own law. Or, as I believe, are you too much of a coward to find a moron to turn your gas into law.

      I am in the unfortunate position of only knowing something after I have chosen to ask a question on the same subject.
      You have no sense of irony. You complain about corpo greed, yet you trade in stock which I believe is a very telling symptom of it. So are you the disease or are you the cancer that eats away at any common idea of turning a buck?

      I can however thank you as reading your posts in english are the best on the fly translations of Mein Kampf I have seen in years...

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