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  • badgercup badgercup Mar 19, 2003 12:22 PM Flag


    From what I gather, the Motorola deal is close to done, or CSC is close to winning it (mostly because no one else is bidding).

    But my thoughts are this : Motorola is laying off hundreds of people. They have offshored many IT jobs already. CSC has a plan to offshore a bunch of IT jobs most likely by the end of the summer, and most likely to the same regions that Motorola is offshoring.

    CSC has "delayed" some scheduled offshoring and operational changes. They had spring/summer dates in place, now they are being readdressed. I believe they are waiting for Motorola to make up its mind. While some clueless fools are hoping the deal will save their existences, I believe the CEO and his band have no intentions of keeping these jobs in the USA. I believe they are setting up production/application shops abroad, then once they are fully established the Motorola transition will start....overseas, not in the USA.


    I still hold true to my thoughts that CSC will "possibly" recover in 2004. The steady increase of revenue and cash while others are losing is a good sign, though the small margin is not so good per old standard guides. With offshoring a big part of the money making scheme (forget customer service, we are simply speaking about dollar signs) I believe the CEO is making progress to get CSC back in the 40's at least. I have stock. I wish it to go up, at the expense of my job, oh well...its not like this company treats its employees well, so its a gift in disguise.

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    • No problem bud!

    • just_tells_it_like_it_is just_tells_it_like_it_is Mar 27, 2003 10:41 PM Flag

      Thanks! I think you explained it better than I did. Good to know someone's on the same page!

    • here_to_day_gone_to_morrow here_to_day_gone_to_morrow Mar 27, 2003 8:46 AM Flag

      you are truly
      a good person jtilii
      there's a place for you in the afterlife

    • Nicely put

    • Because if somebody insults you (like calls you a racist for example) its natural to defend your position ... If it could be eliminated, fine.. the world would be a perfect place. That's not likely to happen now is it?

    • No, you are mislead by your own tunnel vision. What he did is type a sarcastic remark that is short for blackmanrisen, blackmanrisen, blackmanrisen with "Blackie Blackie Blackie" If Blackman's nic were needledick, Just_tells would have probably written NEEDLE, NEEDLE, NEEDLE .. see the connection?

      As for Blackman needing his GED, I think we are for the most part all in agreement he/she at least needs a dictionary. Just_tells was simply saying he/she writes at a 6th grade level and suggesting something be done about it, nothing to do with his beliefs?????? what beliefs are you referring to?

      I see, you bash others for responding to what you refer to as:

      "useless posts that are not needed, that take up space and limit the arguements" (arguments)

      yet you allow yourself the right to respond to those posts ... nice!

    • just_tells_it_like_it_is just_tells_it_like_it_is Mar 26, 2003 9:28 PM Flag

      Well first off...there was no racial malice intended by starting my response with Blackie. It was a shortened referenece to his board name...nothing more!!! If you or others chose to make it racist, I have no control over that. In my book, racism and playing the race card belong in the same trash can.

      The GED references were made because it didn't appear he was reading my posts, not a value judgment of his beliefs. Again, an assumption on your part.

      As for bashing, if you truly go back and take an unbiased look, you will note a copious amount of bashing by one or two pro-CSC individuals/pumpers against several others for their views/opinions on CSC.

      I have no problem with anybody's views that are different from mine. Your suggestion of not responding if you don't like what you read is good by me, but it should work both respect for opinions.

      I guess time will tell as more topics come up here. As for THIS one, I'm done.

    • That may be indeed. But why should people feel they have to fend off a counter attack? If you like a post and think it's worth elaborating, fine, respond. But if not, then leave it alone. Responding with vulgarity isn't solving anything, it only upsets people and then we find ourselves off the beaten path.

    • Well first off, you keep referring that he needs his "GED." and then call him "Blackie, Blackie, Blackie." By claiming he needs an education, you are saying he is dumb for his beliefs. And he isn't the only one you have bashed on here. I've read some of your posts. No offense, but maybe if you do not like someone elses imput, then try not responding. That might limit the useless posts that are not needed, that take up space and limit the arguements. As I said before, no offense meant.

    • What? I am in total agrrement with that.

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