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  • grdywht06095 grdywht06095 Apr 28, 2003 6:58 PM Flag

    who has the power, think about it

    To My Fellow System�s workers:

    I have kept tabs on this and several other message boards; I feel that we must put down our petty bull shit about management and the stock price. We have a much serious problem; our jobs or should I say our lost jobs. Management is shipping more and more overseas, they don�t care about us, they care about the company earnings and that elusive stock price. We can�t hope on government, they pad their own pockets, lest we forget that we are dealing with lawyers, we must take it in our own hands.

    Think about it, who actually runs the company? Not the president, not the CEO, not the board of directors, we do. Systems is in bed with every facet of business. If we don�t deliver the data, management can�t make the decisions. We must organize, yes that foul word, UNION. I mean every person in systems, from the person who delivers the paper to the system architect, the PC and the mainframe worlds must unite. We have the power, but we just don�t see it. Our first priority is to save our jobs. Have you noticed that when management downsizes and ship work overseas, management takes a nice bonus. They take care of themselves; we must take care of ourselves. I know there are people among us who despise the word union, but isn�t it funny that air traffic controllers, major sports venues, doctors, and other professions all have an organization to fall back on and collectively fight, we don�t. Maybe it�s too late, maybe it�s not but let�s stop bitching among us, we do have a common enemy and we do have a common goal, our jobs.

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    • If you ever get the opportunity to get a high-level security clearance, do it. They can't outsource that.

    • Your ID says it all if you are outsourced to CSC. Actually it happens very quickly. CSC management is good at getting the job OFFSHORE!!!

    • here_to_day_gone_to_morrow here_to_day_gone_to_morrow May 1, 2003 10:34 AM Flag

      keep fukin off halfbreed
      n yall be feelin da heat
      a da nuk-cure-all aolution
      coming to a theater near you soon

    • At the present rate, India's population in the year 2040 will be 2,500,000,000 [yes, that's the correct number of zeroes!]. If there's an ecological disaster [many would argue that India IS an ecological disaster now!] such as a monsoon failure similar to the one that occurred in the mid 1960's, hundreds of millions of them will starve to death. I'll leave it to Bill Gates, Larry Ellison, and our #1 Merry Man, Van, to foot the bill for the food aid. After all, India is a "developed" country, so why should the US taxpayer bail them out - again!

    • You have absolutely no concept of America or world affairs. It would behoove you to get online and do some research before you post messages here. Your statements are not based on facts but on rumor. For example, we were selling weapons to Pakistan in the 80's for one. Your piss-ant country will be starving soon. You (India) have reached a population density that will collapse in on itself. You will not be able to feed or provide adequate safe drinking water for the masses. You attempt one upmanship with your neighbor(pak) and argue over a tiny piece of virtually inhabitable land (kashmir). Your country could be equated to present day Brazil or Argentina and their situation. The haves and the have nots. Go watch your Bollywood movies and drink/bathe in the polutted Ganges. You back-assward smuck. (sorry to ramble on other posters but not to this idiot.)

    • OMG, I'm still laughing at you, even harder! You remind me of that fat kid Keith who sang "like a virgin" on American idol. He just plain sucked yet he truly believed he was talented and could sing. When reality sets in on you look him up, I'm sure he can offer you some great advice on acceptance of a burst ego and coming to grips with he fact that you just plain suck at what you once thought you were good at.

      For anyone who didn't see or hear Keith, check out a clip of his performance. He's the second one on the left known as "The Keith" It takes a minute to load.

    • Haa.. I enjoy your anger actually and all Rubbish u throw on this board... U seem to be behaving like a spoilt child.. Not a surprise to me.

      You first need basic behavior skills training/education, which is generally taught in primary schools. I am sure they are also been taught in USA. If not, get a student visa from India and get Benefited from some of our better schools (Primary) beyond that you won't qualify..

    • I see your grammar still lacks basic fundamentals! Oh, your boss just called and your being laid off. I guess the contract was cancelled due to lack of communication with your client ... lol

      Well my oh my, all that abuse on those poor, poor Indians, here's a towel to dry your tears.

      As for Bush going after countries one by one, at least (and I do not speak highly of him) he's trying to do what the rest of the world wants to wish away. The cleaning up and elimination of terrorism in the world has to be done by someone. At least he's not embattled over a conglomeration of jagged cliff and rock that's completely worthless and useless like India and Pakistan have been for years, there's something to kill each other over! The truly pathetic thing is that you both have a nuk and neither country has indoor plumbing for all of its inhabitants. Enjoy while you can Sanjay, Rasheed or whatever the hell your cow worshiping ass is referred to as. America will bounce back and I expect we'll take our jobs back eventually as well. Sometimes you just have to sit and let self destruction run its course ... and it will happen eventually, with India I suspect sooner than later.

    • Actually, This industry (IT industry, if some one like Phogaroo is in doubt!!) is also taking a turn towards all old styled manufacturing industries.

      Reason? Well.. Too many players..., Too many (Skilled?) workers and less and less opportunities..(application of IT). This is forcing the costs/margins down. Only the fittest would survive. BOth at company/coportaiton level and individual level.

      Also your President (Dubya!!) is not helping you. He think he is Napolean born again.. going one after another country and leaving industries to suffer..

      People abuse India or its people for its Poverity, probably newly gained capability to outperform the better in any industry.. and look more than ready to do whatever it takes to get that desired contract or whatever..

      Earlier Europeans and Americans were doing it.. India and China were out of it.. You allowed Chinese entry in early 80s or late 70s or getting cheaper manufacturing goods thinking that giving turn key projects to them would not hurt our interest in future. But fortgot that once gone people will loose the skills. Hence whole USA is totally dependent on Chinese goods even to Toilet papers....!!!

      Similar is happening for high end (white collar) jobs ...!!

      You (mean USA) now dependent on selling weapons to other "Developing countries" earlier Iraq (Saddam himself!), and Afganistan now Pakistan.. The resulsts are known..

      Now other countries have also come up with similar high teck weapons with low costs and similar qualities.. This is what is proving the be the tough task for govt and the heat is first time been felt by the US people...

    • I would rather have stagnant software from the US then purchase software product from countries like India of China who as I understand it are the biggest software pirates in the world. How are they getting around export laws on software developed for platforms they are not suppose to have or haven�t paid for? It�s great work guys but was produced on an unlicensed compiler. Now would that be Doh! or AhPu!

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