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  • sanderstheparrot sanderstheparrot Nov 9, 2003 1:22 PM Flag

    Stock price the most important

    for the most part, i agree that a full days work deserves a full days pay. however, mandated 40+ work hours and forced furlough is abuse against the workers. it doesn't matter how you phrase it, it's abuse.

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    • >>> ...mandated 40+ work hours.... is abuse against the workers <<<

      Where in the Constitution is it written that you only have to work 40hrs? If those are the job conditions and you don't like it - move on. My company told us the day we joined it was min 45hrs, and anything over that required to get the job done, and that was almost 30yrs ago (and we were salaried/exempt so we didn't get "overtime"). I had a great run with them. And got riffed. But what a great run it was.

      If I hadn't liked the deal, or the deal got changed, I could always have moved on.

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      • Interesting comment! I am sure that small business owners and farmers would have a good laugh at the concept of being abused by having to work more than 40 hours.

        My father worked 2 jobs and my mother worked at night to support the lifestyle that they chose and bring up 5 kids in the lower end of the middle class. When we got older, my mother 'retired', and began working contract work so that she could get paid hourly and work 12-16 hour shifts to build up their retirement. They have positioned themselves well so that they can enjoy retirement in the middle of the middle class. They have never lived outside of their means and do not care to keep up with the Jone's. My mother told me what their goals were: Position their children with tools to earn a good living and to make sure that they would not have to rely on outside sources of income for retirement.

        My father got the job to keep himself active - he was gaining weight rapidly. He loves to work and his employer gets a great ROI. My father has a positive attitude and is friendly as well.

        To those that do not understand the moral of this TRUE story.: I am describing the 'American Work Ethic' of my parents generation. No entitlement expectations. They worked towards their goals and were flexible enough to roll with the punches. They lived well within their means and sacrificed when they needed to.

        They are the happiest people that I know, and an awesome example. I am sharing this for those who did not have that type of example in their lives.

    • Please define WHY you consider it 'abuse'.

      40hrs a week is what I agreed to. CSC does not require me to work more, but I sometimes run into a situation that does. During those times, my management is very good about making sure that we don't get burned out, by arranging for relief. While not company policy, however I would be naive to think that there are 'abuses' in individual instances, which should be reported to CSC HR & CSC Legal if it happens. If it keeps happening, it is time to get another job.

      How are furloughs abuse? I don't work, so why should I get paid? CSC is acutally quite nice about allowing for (not requiring, but perhaps encouraging) vacation time to be used so that you can get paid regardless. It is a valid tool to reduce costs without having to reduce workforce.

      Please give a mature answer. Thanks! :)

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