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  • tljcoast tljcoast Jun 3, 2004 11:31 PM Flag

    CSC as an Employer

    Is CSC a decent company to work for? I'm looking for information on benefits, bonuses, salary, raises, management style, employee moral, job stability (as much as can be expected in this industry!), etc.

    Is it typical of CSC to lay employees off after obtaining a contract for outsourcing (ie, UTC).

    Any input would be greatly appreciated.

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    • I thought it was with the German Army but can't find any old news messages about it. Hope this will happen soooooon!!!!

    • I have never worked for CSC but my research tells me that they have strong Military connections?

      If so that would explain there body shop, dumb down, I give orders, you take orders maggot brain mentality that I am reading about.

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      • Not really...most of the bad press on this board petains to CSC's commercial outsourcing orgainization, not their federal sector where one is most likely to find retired military and/or people with military connections. As a matter of fact, a large percentage of the management in CSC's outsourcing organization consists of people they have picked up as a result of some of their larger outsourcing deals and acqusitions over the last 10 - 15 years...

    • I worked for CSC for a number of years in both the government and commercial outsourcing groups. To answer your question about commercial client outsourcing, layoffs are typical after obtaining an outsourcing deal. At what point in time the layoffs occur usually depends on the deal between CSC and the outsourced client. The outsourcing contracts usually contain a commitment for CSC to retain the outsourced employess for some set period of time...but once that time period is up, you can usually count on layoffs to some degree.

      The people that are usually most affected by these layoffs tend to be day-to-day operations types, e.g., such as help desk and those wo do the day-to-day infrastructure break/fix activites...reason being is that CSC tends to "consolidate" these functions across as many existing contracts as possible in an attempt to gain economies of scale.

      Another characteristic of the CSC commercial outsourcing is that it is very bureaucratic and "process and procedure" driven, i.e., not much there for one who likes to be creative and get involved in leading edge technology.

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      • CSC believes in dumbing-down procedures to the level of the least-competent team member, rather than training them to use better, more efficient methods. Don't complain or suggest process improvements; CSC's mis-management already knows everything and there's nothing you can contribute regardless of your length of experience. Their procedures don't need any improvements and they don't need you, either. You are not a unique contributor; merely an interchangeable component. You will be replaced with a younger, cheaper alternative either domestically or in a TWHH [Third World Hell-Hole] as soon as possible.

    • CSC is a decent company to work for, not the best, nor the worst. The benefits are good but too expensive IMO. It�s one of the few companies that still offers a pension. That�s what keeps me there. Their educational benefits are excellent. They paid for my undergrad and 2 master�s degrees. As for job stability, I�ve been with them for nineteen years and have been laid off 3 times. Each time I was able to jump to another contract. I�ve worked on 6 contracts and in 5 different capacities. The key to staying employed with CSC is as Charles Darwin said, �It�s not the strongest of the species that survives or the most intelligent, but the one that is most responsive to change.� First, you must be well educated so CSC can bid you on a contract in one of those hard to fill positions. Secondly, you need to network yourself with others in the company so that when your current contract ends, you�ll have a connection on another contract. It�s been my experience that CSC does little or nothing to help you find a new position within the company. CSC is a body shop. As long as you realize that, you�ll know where your relationship with the company stands.
      As for bonuses, none never. Not in any section that I�ve worked in.
      Salary depends on the deal you strike when you first hire on. It�s rare to get a manager to put forth the effort required to get you a raise that exceed the meager annual increase.
      Management style, you can�t generalize that. It varies from section to section and person to person as does moral.

      I hope this helps.

      P.S. Don�t buy the stock.

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