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  • shapeupcsc shapeupcsc Jun 3, 2005 11:11 AM Flag

    Outsourcing Market Share Redistributing

    Mick James of Consulting News
    A clutch of recent
    surveys suggests that
    the outsourcing market
    is on the brink of some
    major changes.
    Outsourcing advisors TPI
    report that the �Big
    Six� (Accenture, ACS,
    CSC, EDS, HP and IBM)
    have suffered a
    catastrophic drop in
    their share of new
    outsourcing contracts.
    Last year they took
    between them 63 per cent
    of new contracts but in
    the first quarter of
    2005 this has dropped to
    27 per cent. Firms
    gaining on the �Big Six�
    include Atos Origin,
    British Telecom and
    Hewitt, winning �5bn of
    the �11bn of contracts
    placed so far this year.

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    • "...A positive for the company was when they got rid of you, dick breath.

      laughing??? I laugh all of the way to the bank because I have a job you asshole!"

      You? Gainfully employed?


      As I said earlier, at least my job doesnt require the use of kneepads, and regular injections of antibiotics...


      "...Learn to spell also nutsack! That may be the reason that you have trouble finding gainful employment!"

      I, can spell alot of different words, not just your favs like nutsack and asshole...

      Just because you can't understand slang, is your problem, not mine...

      If you are so gainfully employed, how is it you can make so many posts in here during a 9-5 day, as a 'telecom engineer'?

      C'mon, spit out your client, and think real real hard, you might be able to figure out a new comeback.

      You'll never have their respect as long as they have you on your knees, Slappy...

    • you mean to say trhat because you are a CSC employee, and 'just that good' it a postive for both the company and it's stock...


      sounds like you've been spending too much time with your 'nutsack, asshole'...

      your words not mine...

      If I missed any other lucid thoughts you've had lately, feel free to remind me, mmmmmmkay?

      If only you knew how loudly they laughed at you behind your back...

    • "...You are a ex-employee that was probably dismissed for some misconduct or else laid off because they (CSC) didn't need your expertise any longer...."

      Um, nope...

      I left thrm, they didn't fire myself or my wife... And regardless of what you'd like to think happened, there was no misconduct or illegal actions on my end in the least...

      Sorry, better luck next time...

      Maybe then, you'll be able to answer a direct question with a direct answer...

    • No matter what you say or try to put across on this board, you are still the dumb ass, nutsack, fucking idiot on the planet.

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    • ...probably the lousiest sector is Americas Outsourcing - US. This is where all the worker bees are treated like cattle!!!

    • "...This last posting was the biggest bunch of nonsense that I have ever seen..."

      It's a tragedy that you find it so hard to understand rational thought.

      You still have problems finding positive attributes for this company or it's stock, or you just don't understand my question? Either way, once again you seem to be the idiot here, not me...

      "...Oh and you have posted a lot of intelligent phrases and comments concerning CSC have you? Well I don't think so asshole!"

      Looking back, and eliminating those posts you've written that include colorful adjectives (you do know what an adjective is, dan't you?) like farthead, asshole, and nutsack, what intelligent comments have you posted lately?

      Can you name one?

      I've tried on more than one occasion to engage you in a rational discussion about CSC more than once, and you've never been up to the challenge.

      Suck it up, Bunky, you are the loser here, not me.

      "...Yeah, I'll bet CSC has called you and your wife about an interview..probably an interrogation about your illegal activities. And oh yes, I can hire and fire. When you are as good as I am then you do have that capacity..."

      Believe it or not, it's the truth, both my wife and I were contacted about coming back as contractors for specific projects. We both turned them down. As for your ability to 'hire and fire' sorry, but I still don't beleive it. As for you being 'that good' at anything, at least my job doesn't require my wearing kneepads or taking antibiotics.

      "...By<e> [sic] the way, I really am bugging the shit out of you ain't I?"

      Nope, so sorry, but it ain't happenin'...

      "...Thats my mission in life cause I just don't fucking like you! You are a stupid dumbass with no purpose!

      Well, I hold a far lower opinion of you. However, I unlike you have far greater things to devote my life to than changing the opinions of some anonymous asshole on a message board.

      If this is actually one of your life's missions, you're a bigger failure than I could've ever imagined.

      Seek help. Seek help now.

    • "...You aren't very smart ONDJ! You really show your ignorance every time you post on this board. You really need to get out once in a while. You might learn something..."

      I am not very smart? What in any of what you posted, answers my question to you about positive things to come for CSC? Nothing you've posted amounts to anything, and you still create more questions, than you answer.

      Now, I have stopped trying to figure out the gibberish that you post, because it still amounts to nothing more than grade A BULLSHIT.

      You call yourself a 'telecomm engineer' but, you don't install phones, and you claim to be employed by CSC, and you 'can hire and fire people'.

      Based on my experience with CSC, here's what I know-

      With your attitude, and people skills, you certainly aren't a CSC employee. CSC wouldn't allow you to empty the trash cans in HR, much less install their phones.

      You certainly do not have any ability to hire and fire, or you would have proven me wrong by now.

      As for CSC hiring myself or my wife back, I am certain they've considered it... They've called us both more than once and invited us to interview, but we've turned them down. Both of us are far more happy and successful where we are, than when we were with them...

      As for you, sooner or later you'll have to realize you can't make a career out of masturbation, and you'll never win a carpal tunnel lawsuit, based on spending your time jacking off on a computer waiting for someone you are 'bugging the fuck out of' to post again.

      Take your meds, cinch up your helmet, and leave the cat alone before you try to post again, will you?

    • "...No I didn't tell you I was a design engineer I said that i was a telecom engineer..."

      So that means what?

      You are the guy that plugs in the phones when someone gets a new desk?

      And you expect me to believe you have the ability to hire and fire?

      BULL SHIT!

      Every one of those telecom and IT grunt positions is done by outside contractors. You might be able to select those unfortunate enough to work on your project, but that's the end of your reach.

    • i think you are the only person on this board with a brain.. nice post!

    • secretpicklesmoker...

      You make repeated references to assholes and nutsacks and various other homosexual oddities, so it would appear that you are far more familiar with that lifestyle than any of us... As for your being able to hire and fire people, and your relative settlment being bigger or smaller than anyone elses here, I highly doubt both...

      First, the method being used to calculate each person's share of the overall settlement is based on a point value assigned each claimant based on several factors, one of them is your job CLASSIFICATION, not your job title, or it's responsibilities. Had you actually been able to read the letter sent out, or in your case, actually recieved the letter sent out by the attorneys, you would have seen that.

      Also, I seriously doubt you can hire or fire anyone, given the fact, you yourself told me that you were a design engineer when I pressed you for details of your position with CSC way back last year during the political debate you referred to in an earlier post. I don't know everything about CSC but, I do know they don't have too many design engineers in HR... Either you were making shit up then, or now, or as I suspect both...

      Better get a new hobby, you really suck at this one, but come to think of it, maybe that's what you do best.

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