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  • ZAHARW ZAHARW Jan 11, 2006 2:05 PM Flag

    CA almost bought CSC Cheap!!!!!

    In case anyone cares.
    CSC always wanted to be bought
    who ever remembers CA almost bought
    CSC real cheap in the late 1990's

    So which is better company?
    CA with a very strong sheet
    and trading only 4 times
    Or CSC?

    Concerning mybigshe
    You must be very slow right?
    My posting "you buy I sell"
    And strong buy raating what it means?

    p.s. because you are slow I will give you the
    answer, I am sarcastic you got it?

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    • Now I can understand why secretwhistler and all of the others have a problem with you. Apparently you can't read, not very educated and in general a buffoon! I noticed in some of your postings that you don't own any CSC stock...hmmm...does that mean that you don't have any business here either? Well, in the past I kept my comments to myself and just tried to read the postings that didn't contain any of the senseless prattle that some on this board post. However I got caught up in the name calling that goes on so much here. I'm not sure why you and others name call and in general run each other down. I am sure that if I were to meet you in person you would be a rather meek individual. You feel comfortable in running someone down and trying to make yourself feel superior to others. Maybe thats what helps you through the day. Whatever flops you mop so to speak. I just feel sorry for you and others like you! I will continue to read the posts on this message board that are from some of the posters that make sense to educate myself in CSC and other stocks. Sometimes you can learn a lot when you keep your mouth shut. Try it sometime!

    • "... I don't know enough about stocks and particularily CSC stock to venture a post about that."


      Then why waste the time tuning in to us on this board? You have no experience with the company, you don't own any stock, and you admit not knowing enough to venture an opinion. In spite of that, you took the time to make up a new ID for yourself, then came in here trying to start something, not just with me, but with anyone that would bother to post.

      Why even waste your time like that?

      Wait, before you try to answer with another lame put down, let me solve your problem for you.

      Time for you to join my buddy secret and his pals on my ignore list.

    • No I am not going to flame you! And I am not secretwhistler though you may draw that conclusion because I replied in a manner that he/she does. I am an observer however! I don't know enough about stocks and particularily CSC stock to venture a post about that. But I do know about human behavior and what motivates certain behaviors.
      I'll back off because obviously you don't care about offending posters.

      Bye Bye!

    • Um, right...

      Couldn't help but notice you completely avoided a direct question, again! If you aren't in here to stir things up by pumping, then why take the time to create the new ID?

      As for me being 'riled up', so sorry to disappoint you, but, it ain't so.

      Jeez, whatever would we do without you to point out the error of our ways around here?

      As I've mentioned once or twice before, ANYTIME you wanna actually discuss CSC or it's stock based on 'facts' instead of your 'opinions' I'll be right here.

      Somehow tho, I am betting you'll keep on flaming me, rather than trying to dig up facts to support your position.

    • You might need to read my previous posting. I don't like some of the things that secretwhistler posted. But I can understand why he/she did! Lighten up!

    • Well you got riled up from what I said in my posting. Good! That is exactly the way that most people feel as a result of your postings badmouthing them when they make a comment here. Just go with the flow overnighdeejay! If someone makes a mistake, in your opinion, in their posting, then politely point out where you differ from their opinion. You don't do that. You flame them! If you can't do it politely then don't do it at all. Maybe everyone doesn't have as much experience as you do. Maybe you can remember when you were a novice?
      Just my humble opinion. How many other posters see it the same way I do?

    • I forgot to congratulate you on the brand spanking new ID ...

      That should serve you well in your 'pumping' I mean, 'investment' activities.

    • "...From reading your posts it doesn't appear that you are all that smart either..."

      Obviously, you need to work on your reading comprehension skills then, Secret, I mean nanka...

      You're so smart, I've learned so much from your many fact filled posts. If I am such an asshole, why don't you show me where I went wrong? I don't recall you having anything to say one way or another, If you're so smart, where ya been?

      Call it a flame if ya want, I am still asking you a direct question. I find it strange that the only ones that think I am 'flaming' anyone, are the same ones that refuse to respond to a direct question.

      I have a history with CSC, I've worked for CSC, and I made the decision to leave them on MY terms, not theirs.

      I think that experience qualifies me to venture an opinion, about this company and it's future. What experience have you had with them that allows you to dispute my position?

    • You are a stupid asshole overnightdeejay. Why is it that you flame everyone? From reading your posts it doesn't appear that you are all that smart either.

    • Yeah, now that the pumpers have had their way with this trash, it's back to the trading range 'til they can lure the suckers back with their next, inevitable, buy-out rumor!

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