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  • retiredexaon retiredexaon Sep 24, 2011 9:11 AM Flag

    New CSC failures

    Gee, with these shining success stories behind them, who would not want to buy CSC? A company with such a sterling track record? IBM has AstraZeneca to contend with too and Defense spending is taking a hit big time.

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    • Recent all-hands recounted CSC's move into cloud and healthcare market's. CSC reduced its DoD exposure over the last year and the BSS (i.e., commercial) side is suppose to lift all boats now after having been in the doldrums for quite a while.

      If there is a corner to be turned and CSC is turning that corner, then right about now would be when a buyer could step forward.

      But as I said previously I am not holding my breath on that prospect.

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      • And you believe what they tell you. Sad. I believed CSC too at Aon. They told all of us that we had bright, shining futures at CSC, that advancement was guaranteed and we smiled, and drank the Koolaid. Then, 14 months later, we were all fired because of Underperformance by CSC (read that overbilling by only $200 million in year one) and CSC had to maintain the contract. So, I believe nothing management says. Defense is still a cornerstone at CSC as at SAIC and where are those big Commercial wins? Only VF Corp has fallen prey to CSC. That will be wrecked too.

        You are a shill. And nobody is buying this dog.

      • I recall the managers telling us this was proprietary info not to be disclosed...anyone with a conscience ought to have told a) the client; and b) the SEC..immediately!

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